How I Make My Blush Last All Night?

blush last longer

Top 6 Tips and Tricks To Make Your Blush Last Longer

You don’t normally worry about making your blush last longer. But when you have a wedding or party to attend in your family, you go hunting for long staying makeup products! In India, you start getting ready for weddings at around 7pm and by the time you leave the house and reach the venue, a quarter of your makeup is already gone! So that makes you start searching for techniques, tips, tricks whatever to make your lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, foundation last longer. Today we are concentrating on blushes. Some tips that have worked for me to make my blush last through the night:

1. Apply a cream blush on your cheeks first. Blend it well and then go over with your powder blush in the same colour family. Powder blushes stick to the cream base and last longer. My favourite cream blushes are Nyx Cream Blushes 2. If you don’t have a cream blush (like half of the Indian women) then use a creamy lipstick instead. Just remember to blend it well or it will look patchy. 3. If you don’t have cream blushes or lipsticks matching your powder blush, then get a nude cream blush to go with all your powder blushes. Faces has got a nude cream blush. And for the time being, work around using your nude lipsticks. I recommend Nyx Frappuccino. 4. Get a face primer! Not only it helps with your blush but foundation as well. Inglot, Colorbar, Nyx have got some good face primers. 5. Use a face spritzer like Mac Studio Fix Plus Spray. It holds your makeup and make it last longer. Btw Mac Fix + spray is best suited for dry skin girls, on oily skin it makes your skin a little too greasy in summers. 6. Use a cheek stain. Bourjois rouge hi-tech lip and cheek tints are what I recommend. Btw these days I’m loving my Inglot Liquid Blush a lot….2 drops and you get a healthy natural flush.


  1. Hi Ansh,
    great post.
    BTW which face primer you recommend for oily skin? I have been looking for one since a while..


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