Hello Kitty

preity zinta disaster

That’s the first word that came to my mind. Actually the thing is I’ve never liked Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty to me means pinky pussy. This is a family blog! So just forget what I said. I…..I….l-love Hello Kitty. Hey cute baby..how do you do…sweet little kitten? Aren’t you adorable?

Ah forget it.

So the agenda for today’s post is the recent faux pas Preity Zinta did. Now I really love Preity Zinta and she used to be one of my favourite actors but rules are rules. Sorry girl. Why on earth did you decide to go

 the gulaabo way? And are those pink jeans monkey washed? Really?

preity dramebaaz

Never ever wear one colour from top to bottom. Pink jeans + bold print pink top + pink earrings + pink blush spell disaster. Thank heavens she didn’t go matchy matchy with her handbag and shoes. Infact I gotta give it to her for the bag. I love tan satchels. I think I’ve shown you mine on VNA before. Use the search bar on the right. Isn’t it all fancy and cute with that border and everything? I know its just a bar..but a bar has every right in the world to look pretty. My pretty bar.

preity pink makeup

Doesn’t she look so adorable here? I take my words about the blush, it does look very pretty here. I think by now you must have guessed the occasion. No? Silly its an Indian reality tv show India’s Best Dramebaaz (thank god those singing and dancing shows bore me to infinity). She was promoting her latest movie Ishkq in Paris. That’s not how you dress up when you fall in love in Paris. Paris girls don’t dress like that. Its more like Ishkq in Patna. I’m sorry Patna, no offence.


  1. Outfit is a disaster…. But tht bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… its Hermes Kelly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, God knws when I can afford one … :( ( Will I be ever? :-/??)

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong.. but isn’t she wearing different shoes in the first two pics? I guess that’s how celebs manage to wear such towering heels on stage..one pair to walk in and one pair to strut in.. the pink top is ghastly imho.. love the kids on dramebaaz though :)


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