Have You Seen Priyanka Chopra In This Ad?

I don’t like fairness products. Neither do I promote them. So what is this ad doing here? You have to see it to know it! I just showed this to my brother and we were rolling on the floor. I love it!! It has this western retro flavour to it..can’t stop singing the jingle. And the corny dance! But my brother has this weird expression on his face every time its on air. . Do you like it? (mental note: I need a yellow dress asap)

Also, the reviews of the Garnier Anti-blackhead range will be up soon.


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  1. Weird dance steps and wierd expressions rather funny ones while saying chip chip! Her skin is looking very shiny! she is looking several tones fair too!

  2. seriously she need to get a life…. if dats her voice im sure her albums a flop now I know why kareena keeps asking where she gets dat stupid accent of hers….

  3. Haha.. the jingle is more like a song! :) I really like the video, specially her funny DANCE, it’s HILARIOUS.. :)


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