Top 4 Winning Rangoli Designs at my College and Happy Diwali

peacock rangoli
colourful dancing peacock rangoli design

And its here!! Happy Diwali everyone. *happy dance*
Their are so many sweets around that its getting difficult every minute. Guess I should just give up! How are you fighting the temptation off? For the evening I am planning to wear a gotta patti kurta + leggings (that’s my version of Indian ethnic wear. I don’t wear suits complete with dupattas YET). But its still at the boutique so I better hurry up. A tiny voice inside my head says why all that effort when you are anyway supposed to
change into comfy pajamas in a couple of hours. Shut up you!

How do you spend your Diwali? I just got up *hides face*. I can’t get up before 12 on holidays. Sorry my future MIL. Papa just brought home a Rangoli sticker and gosh that’s so insulting. I mean how can I use a fake Rangoli at my home when these uber talented and creative hands made a super pretty Rangoli just 2 days back at college. Oh yes and here I’m presenting you what yours truly and her friends made at the Rangoli Making competition last Friday.

The peacock design you see above was love at first sight. If the rumors are to be believed, this came 3rd. I’m so gonna try this next time.

beautiful rangoli
pretty symmetrical rangoli

This is the neatest Rangoli I’ve ever seen. Although the design was nothing fancy but the outcome was beautiful. This rangoli stood 1st and guess what? One among the four people making it was a guy!

ganesh rangoli
ganesh peacock fusion rangoli

My friends made this peacock Rangoli. The design and colours were pretty. They used coloured rice in place of gulal which did the trick.

goddess durga
Goddess Durga inspired rangoli design

That’s goddess Durga. And guess who made it? *cough* I..*ahem* me..*cough* okay so yours truly made this! and you better compliment it. I fell in love with the red bindi and nath while making it. Even my team had a guy in it..go team!

Their was an angry bird rangoli which stressed on anger management! I’ve got many more beautiful pictures but the USB has malfunctioned so that’s it for now.

Happy Diwali girls. Dress up and don’t be apologetic!


  1. ahh .. lovely designs ! I love the godess durga … I can never make rangoli. I simple take a big flat thaali ..uniformly spread any colored gulal on the whole surface and use a sketch pen to draw random designs on it . It doesnt look half as bad ;)

  2. lovely designs!!! i tried my hand at rangoli for second time in life this year :D totay loved the peacock one and the one made with rice…that always turns out neat!


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