Happy Anniversary VNA!

happy anniversary vna blog

Heehaa I’m so excited! VNA got 3 years old yesterday and like a proud mommy I’m here to boast! Beauty blogging is one of the few things I’m really passionate about and while success in numbers matters too but its the sheer pleasure of being read by so many girls out there that makes it the most satisfying job ever. VNA isn’t my day job..yet but who knows. As I told you in my christmas post, this time of the year is my favourite. The crazy chill of winters..festivals..VNA’s birthday..new year..and its my birthday exactly a month later and add to it the crazy sales everywhere..sheer pleasure.

Let’s look at some of my posts and makeup looks..

vna makeup looks collage

Alright I know I am not active from a few days but its NEW YEAR! How can anybody work at this time of the year? All I want is to pack my bags and go on a Europe trip or something. Alright some nearby getaway will do too! Come next week and I will get into the routine once again. Regarding all your mails and messages..don’t fret, I’ve got them all. I will start replying after the new year’s. Contributors, I’ve got all your posts too..just let me enjoy a bit.

Thank you people for reading me and giving the same love to the awesome contributors of VNA when I take a back seat. On any given day, I’m always editing the posts, photos, blog design, colours, etc..so yes I’m a lot hard working than what my parents think!

Have you got any plans for the new year’s eve? I’m gonna relax at home with some good food and red wine with the family.

PS – The drink on the left in the 1st photo was pink!

PPS – It just rained in Delhi..again!


  1. Congos Ansh to the successful 3 years of VNA.. always a pleasure being part of VNA.. :)

  2. Congrats Anshitaaaa! Many more years to come. Wish you all the luck for the blog and everything in life! And wish you a super duper yippee 2014 :D

  3. No honey, you will be studying at home and cursing exams for spoiling new year’s celebrations :P haha

  4. Congratulations ansh. ..love u darling ..
    N yes glad to be a part of VNA n will come back soon with lots of reviews..
    Hugs :*:*

  5. Yayeeeeiii VNA ♥ cngratualtionnnzzzz n have fun happyyy new yearrr anshita n to ol othersss :)

  6. woot woot heartiest congratulations to u pretty lady! U must be one proud mamma and u totally deserve all the adulation!! Way to go xx Happy New Year :*


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