International Giveaway: Win Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream!

Tangerine Tango is the colour of the year according to Pantone. And its celebration time here at Vanity No Apologies (the other day I was telling about my blog to this lady in my spanish class and her first reaction was “its a weird name”). I recently crossed 500+ gfc followers and 1k facebook fans, plus I’m getting into a nice B-school, so it calls for a giveaway…straight from the heart.

So being the big hearted and kind soul that I am, I will be giving away the Skin79 Vital Orange BB Cream to one lucky reader.

And if you are wondering why I never got around to reviewing the bb creams as I said here, that’s because my sister took it away before I could click the pictures. So I again ordered it and the package came just last week. Its supposed to be an improved version of the hot pink and gold label and has yellow tones as opposed to the previous grey tones.

skin79 vital orange bb cream

skin79 bb cream giveaway contest

All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter widget below, it makes your work so much easier. Half the time I shy away from hosting giveaways because of the painful excel sheets involved but now I will be announcing the winners right on time! If you have any queries, than shoot me a mail. Giveaway open internationally.

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  1. oooh…….I so wanna win it, Ansh :D if you had not selected me for the last one, you could have had let me this one w/o the giveaway :D
    btw, congrats a lot for getting into B-school :) its in Delhi or you have to move???? any hints, which one???

  2. I hate Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation I regret buying it,the shade doesnt matches me it looks really OTT on me like artificial once I wore it on a date and my BF commented I look too made up and that compeletly put me off this one..

  3. I hate foundations! they are so essential for a neat look and yet they are the one product that gives maximum amount of trouble! one day it loves you look like a 1000 bucks next day it makes you look like the bride of frankenstein :P

  4. I hate matte lipsticks. My lips luks dehydrated when I tried to use them. Instead of applying lipbalm before matte lipstick, I’d prefer to choose moisture lipstick or lipgloss.

  5. one makeup product i absolutely hate is fairness creams because they never prove effective and we only waste our money on them.I have never seen any cream which can make us i would never like any fairness cream

  6. hmm..the product I hate the most … would be oil based foundations…. its not that I hate the product.. I hate the product on my skin..makes it all cakey eeks..Liquid foudations would be a faux pas (on me) for me.

  7. I hate Blushes…I donno why may be becoz I dont aply it properly or always makes me look weird!!

  8. i hate mascara, ’cause after the laser’s eyes operation I have more sensitive and it bothers me, but I use the same ’cause you can not’ eye make-up without using it

  9. I hate Lakme sunscreens as they always make me sweat more and that gives a greasy look on the face :( I also hate fairness creams! Ok, too much of hate now.. gotta eat some ice-cream to cool down :P

  10. I don’t like kajal..
    my mom used to put a lot of kajal in my eyes when i was younger, i hate it since then..

  11. i hate bronzer that is orange! i hate when ppl where it and you can clearly tell its way to dark for them and they end up looking like a pumpkin!

  12. i HATE foundations. My skin is super sensitive and oily so to date whatever I have tried hasn’t sat well with me and most of the time made me look ghastly within an hour.

  13. I hate bronzers and blushes…Both don’t work for me…bronzers make me look dark and blushes don’t work as my cheeks become red on their own in every weather…

  14. Hi.. new to your blog. Congratulations and nice giveaway.. The one make up product I hate or rather would not do is liquid eye liner – it always messes up at the most crucial time!

  15. mascara because i usually hurt my eyes while applying it .have to figure out how to use them properly plus they make my eyelets dry

  16. Foundation. As it makes my skin look plain cakey and artificial. My original skin is good enough so thank god I dont have to use it anymore. :)

  17. i hate foundations…dey make my skin so oily…i have landed up having breakouts wenever i dared2 use ani foundations :(

  18. i have an oily n my face sweats a lot.. After a thorough research bought high end n expensive Mac studio fix..n guess wht it breaks me out within hrs of wearing it…n beauties all over the internet drool over it..

  19. i hate fairness products.. it cld be anything.. a facewash, a cream, a lotion, a sunscreen.. the very mention of ” fairness” puts me off.

  20. Hi
    A great giveaway
    Have been wanting to try a BB cream seems like every brand is doing them
    I hate eye liner pencils as they just leave my eyes watering all the time i ahve applied this
    follow you on twitter @yasminec9 tweeted the message too
    follow you on facebook yasmine choudhry
    follow you via email too
    sorry look like i am your stalker lol
    thank you

  21. I hate the Stila Oil-free thingy liquid foundation (the one intended for oily skin) because it broke me out so bad, the pimples were really noticeably huge! :(

  22. I hate those one swipe and your done eyeshadow by I think loreal. The ones with three colors and the thick paddle that supposedly applies it. The photo shows the the girl swiping then suddenly she has eyeliner and mascara etc hahs

  23. I like the question :) The make up product I absolutely hate is Foundations which make the face and body look different shades. Esp when the face is lighter and neck below is darker. Would love to win..your blog posts are awesome :) ♥♥

  24. I hate the essence’s ‘mouse foundation’,
    because it’s very dry and it’s not suitable for every skin type

  25. I probably hate make-up products that does not stay long enough and messes up once washed with water.
    Hope to have a chance to win this one. :)
    Thank You.

  26. I can not for the life of me work with loose eyeshadows! For some reason the fall out pisses me right off xD

  27. Lakme…anything. their new concealers are the worst! super grainy,ashy and dont match indian skintones at all. colorbar s better

  28. I hate self-tanners!!! I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly would like to be orange.. It doesnt’t look like a tan, it’s awfull..

  29. I hate the Perricone No Foundation Foundation. It’s orange and smells like fish! Yuck.
    ~ Jennifer Doe


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