Forever 21 DLF Saket Store Opening and Why Its One Confused Soul!

forever 21 dlf saket store opening 2013

Forever 21 India is one confused soul. It drives pleasure out of confused young girls. 2-3 years back Forever 21 opened its first retail store in India in our Delhi. The store was located at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. I couldn’t make it to the store then. A few months later a happy jumping me went to the mall to get myself a birthday present and…

Parents: Where is the store you were talking about?
Me: Err..its supposed to be at this point. I’ve seen the pics. Umm may be some other floor. *trying not to panic*

After 1 hour of searching the stupid and madly huge mall I asked a guard and got to know they shifted it to Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. Okay koi baat nhi, I told myself. May be some other time. After that you must remember my coverage of Forever21 Delhi store.

I was in a bliss to have found a store that looked like a candy land with neon bright outfits and accessories everywhere. Now few months back I again went to the mall and found that they have moved it again. Bloody hell! Whats wrong with them!

Last year in December I saw this big bright yellow banner at Pacific Mall announcing the launch of Forever 21. I couldn’t contain my excitement! 6 month later, the store has still not opened. Just 4 days back I got an event invite on facebook for the launch of a new Forever 21 store this time in DLF, Saket. At first I refused to believe…..must a new trick. But then it actually opened. For real. Yeah!

Look at the pics of the minutes just before the launch. Honestly I didn’t expect a huge turnout. But since Sidharth Malhotra of Student of The Year fame was coming for the opening, a huge crowd gathered!

sidharth malhotra at forever 21 dlf saket store
Forever 21 DLF Saket Store Opening with Sidharth Malhotra
sidharth malhotra at forever 21 dlf saket store
Sidharth Malhotra at Forever 21 DLF Saket Store Opening in Delhi
Forever 21 dlf saket store in India
Forever 21 DLF Saket Store Opening Photo

This new store is spread across two floors and 14,500 sq ft. The set up, design, lighting….everything is similar to the old stores. The only difference I could see was that the they have made a separate shoe section. Earlier the shoes were placed beside every matching outfit like Zara. But now you can find all the shoes together at one place. I like this idea better.

Now if they EVER move this store then I would…..err…. write a hate post maybe? They better not!

And will someone tell me what’s the shubh mahurat for the Pacific Mall branch? Should I call a pandit ji and ask?

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PS – All the pics taken from DLF Saket facebook page. I don’t claim ownership


  1. Hey Anshita,

    I agree, they have been tossing with the locations. The previous ones have closed down as Forever 21 has broken their ties with its previous partner Hello Retail (who were doing a sad job for their retail expansion). Now Forever 21 has started afresh with its tie up with DLF Brands which has brought to India brands including Alcott, Mothercare, DKNY, Claire’s and some luxury brands as well like Salvatore Ferragamo. Though DLF has moved away from all the luxury brands, its focus is now Premium brands. The Pacific Mall store will be coming up soon, hopefully in a month or two (though I met the Director of Pacific Group, Abhishek Bansal there, I couldn’t get a response to this from him). I am keeping my fingers crossed too.

  2. Oh My Gawwwd !
    I just couldn’t resist commenting on this post of yours. After reading each line..i was like “me too !” ..”me too”..only that i got to know of this store in saket yesterday. :(
    F21 has seriously broken a lot of hearts !
    And i’m really looking forward to the launch in pacific mall’s been like 7-8 months since they’ve been teasing us all with those huge posters ! :|
    Do post (in advance, if possible! ) if you come to know about the one in pacific mall.

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