Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Creme Bleach: Review, How to Use, Price


Review, How to Apply, Price, Buy Online Fem Fairness Naturals GOLD Creme Bleach for Special Occasions

By Contributor: Vidhi

So here I am with a renowned product i.e. Fem Bleach, I know this product since I was in eighth grade, many of my cousins and aunties used to apply this including my mom and I never understood why but now as I myself use it, I have no questions about it. I remember earlier Fem was only available in one type i.e. the pink & white box one which is now specially segmented for Fair skin tone but now Fem caters different skin tones with different bleaches, for instance they have Herbal Bleach (Sensitive Skin), Pearl Bleach ( Wheatish skin) and the one which I am going to review today is GOLD BLEACH ( for ahh…yea Special Occasions with a golden glow over your face)

Before I start with the review, let me mention some do’s and don’ts about it. Precautions- Before Use of Gold Bleach

  • Use Plain Water to wash face
  • Kindly avoid application on inflamed, chapped and irritated skin
  • Never mix the bleach crème and activator until you’re ready to start treatment
  • Do not repeat use before 21 days
  • Use the variant best suited for your skin

Precautions- After Use of the Fem Bleach

  • Do not use soap for at least 5 hours after use
  • Do not expose your skin to sunlight after use, hence it is advisable to use it in the evenings
  • Do not save the mixed bleach for re-use

And for the convenience, a two sided spoon that has one big scoop for the creme and one small scoop for the activator. Ratio of the spoon should be 1:1, i.e., with 1 big spoon of creme, mix 1 small spoon of powder activator.

Fem Claims: The new Fem Gold Crème Bleach comes with real, pure Gold in it, which gives you the real golden glow that makes you stand out against the fakes. Not only does it come with a beautiful fragrance but also special moisturizing ingredients which give you a soft creamy experience of bleaching. Fem Gold Crème Bleach works wonders just in 15 minutes and leaves the skin radiant & glowing. The real gold particles added to the powder activator leave behind a soft golden shimmer and shine on the skin.

What is new in Fem: No added Ammonia so no irritation, no redness and no skin damage.

Ingredients: In the picture


My Review:

Convenience: The Leaflet inside the box of bleach has listed all the dos and don’ts about the product which I have mentioned above and all the other necessary information one needs to know before application. They have provided a two sided spoon and an applicator spoon or spatula to apply over face. It has mentioned the Directions to use in 8 Indian Languages (Desi feel na).

Packaging: It comes in Golden box with Sonakshi Sinha’s Picture over it (because she endorses it). The crème and activator both come in plastic tub as you can see in pictures. (asli sona!)

Application and Related Queries: The directions have been mentioned in the leaflet and yea make sure you follow them or it may damage your skin.

  • Don’t wash your face with soap or any face wash after the use, and no makeup is to be applied for at least 6 hours after the use as this may react over your face.
  • You can remove it with wet cotton/cloth/sponge from your face, make sure you don’t rub it over your face or be harsh.
  • If you are using it for the first time then do a patch test as it will let you know whether you are allergic to the ingredients or not
  • ITCHING during application is very normal as it indicates that product is working on your skin but if continuous irritation persists wipe it off.
  • Don’t apply near your eyes and sensitive areas of any part which is inflamed
  • Use the crème and activator as mention by spoon provided and don’t exceed the amount of activator in bleach as it may cause more irritation and redness to your face
  • After wiping off bleach little redness is common and there is no need to worry about it. If you feel burning sensation you can rub ice cube over your face
  • Make sure you comb your hair back or else you will have them golden coloured
  • Don’t apply for more than 15 minutes

What is the Use of bleach? And why should you apply it?

  • It lightens the colour of tiny fur of hair on your face an makes your face appear brighter and gives a glow (chand sa roshan chehra)
  • It also removes tan, dead skin and reduces pimples (yes I have noticed)

The Crème has thick consistency and has no smell whereas Activator has tiny granules which have some smell and yes both of them have faint yellow colour as the bleach is Golden Glow. What I didn’t like was if the crème during application stains your shirt or tee it leaves behind a weird smell which is not at all good (yuck).

The application is easy and the is hassle free and it has mentioned there is no added ammonia in it which is actually good as ammonia is considered harmful for skin but in the ingredients list there is some ammonium persulphate (sorry no idea about this as I am Commerce Graduate not science one).

As they claimed that it won’t cause redness, I am using this product since 4 years and still I have some red patches after application which is quite normal. So this claim failed.

No irritation, okay the irritation is less but still it irritates skin a bit like itches nothing much. No skin damage, no idea about this. As one can only find this out after some tests done in lab (I guess so)

As it has mentioned this Golden Glow Bleach is for special occasions and gives a golden glow, I didn’t find much difference in the result of the this one and Fem Saffron one for Fair skin. It doesn’t even matter to me because after application as it is you can’t go out or apply makeup.


Pros of Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Creme Bleach:

  • Lightens the colour of your facial hair and gives glow to skin
  • Also removes tan and dead skin
  • Does exactly what it is meant for
  • Contains measuring spoon and leaflet which is really good for beginners
  • Easily available everywhere
  • You don’t need to bleach again after applying this for at least 45 days and maximum  to 60 days (2 months)

Cons Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Creme Bleach:

  • This one is little costlier than the regular one
  • There is no much golden glow to be seen on face
  • Has a shelf life of less than 2 years
  • Tends to lose its effectiveness as it reaches it expiry date ( my personal experience )


Price: Rs.89 for 64g.

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Do I Recommend: Yes!

Will I Repurchase: Yes

Buy Online: amazon.in

Is it for you: Yes this one would be suitable for all skin tones, Olive skin tone girls should add less activator to suit their skin.

P.S- My friend bought a bigger box of this and it has pre-bleach cream tube whereas medium and small ones don’t, so next time I am buying the bigger box (the bigger the better).

Have you used Fem Fairness Naturals Gold Creme Bleach? Share your reviews with us.


    • You may be adding lot of activator powder then!
      If it does then after washing your face with water apply a moisturiser.

    • Don’t be..they have an all the do’s and don’ts list in the box now.
      Untill you’re confident enough add less activator :)

  1. Well after seeing this review I would like to apply it as I have little dark patches on my cheeks. So, will try out and tell my view.

  2. I have never tried any bleach so far ! But my Roomie does, I am definitely suggesting it to her RIGHTNOW ! :D

  3. unfortunately I used it on my hands to remove suntan..my hairs on hands become golden colour now…what should do now…?? 😓😓
    How to regain colour..pls help me

  4. hello…i applied fem faiirness cream…little cream touched my hair so my hair became golden colour…is it go away or is it permanent…?


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