Faces Glam On Eyeshadow Duo Amber Review, Swatches – Perfect For Indian Weddings!

Faces Glam On Eyeshadow Duo Amber Review, Swatches
I’m a woman of my words. Thinking what has this got to do with the review? Well I featured the below eyeshadow quad in my last monthly favourites post and I said a review would follow soon…and here it is!
With all the bridal fever going around, I better contribute my two scents on it. Today we have a duo with all the right colours that go with Indian weddings. If it were a palette, I would just add a matte carbon black (for the smokey effect), a bottle green and a pearly peach (for browbone and inner corner highlighting)…and hurray I have my Indian bridal palette ready!

The left has a metallic copper eyeshadow and on the right is a pretty pink with pearl finish. The copper makes for a great all over lid colour when in hurry. Just dab some on your lids, compliment with a winged eyeliner and you are good to go. And the pink (let’s call it pretty pinkkk please) is not the kind which will make you look sick or punched. But it’s one of those rare pinks which go really well with the Indian skin tones. It works well both as an all over lid colour and crease colour. Sometimes I use the copper on lids and pink in the crease and the other times I switch the colours, and the results are beautiful always. Its one of those duos which can make you sail through all your Indian festivities. I’ve been wearing these two colours a lot to the marriages and other functions lately.

The pigmentation is brilliant for a drugstore eyeshadow. Below you see two swipes of each colour and see how the colours have come alive. You probably don’t need a primer to make the colours show unless you have very dark lids. They apply like silk (I’m using the sponge applicator which came with the case and it works really well with them) and add to the sheen. I have worn them for 3-4 hours without any creasing sans a primer and I guess with primer you can wear them for 6+ hours.

Below are the swatches:

 top: pearly pink, bottom: metallic copper

left: metallic copper, right: pearl pink
Price: Rs.399 ($8)
So is it for you? Yes if you are looking for good colours to wear with your Indian outfits. Both the colours, copper and pink compliment the warm Indian skin tones….one of my most used colours infact. The pigmentation and texture is excellent for the price you pay. They can last for 6+ hours without fading or creasing with a primer. These are some great quality shadows available out there. the sponge tip applicator that comes with the duo is not useless and infact works great. 200 bucks for a single shadow is quite a steal in my opinion!
Post contains a press sample


  1. I love this duo a lot!! Its pink shade is suits a lot! Perfect duo for wedding, i was writing a post on this particular duo now, you know :p but left it in halfway thinking will write tomorrow.!

  2. @gauri i too loved the pink the most!

    @renji it suits everyone i tried it on :)

    @niesha arre do get it..and lemme know how u find it :)

  3. Initially I did not like this particular combo. But after your swatches, Bwahhahaha! I want them :(
    Reading beautyblogs esp your’s and Mehak’s is bad for pocket :P
    Lovely post as always :)


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