Do You Ever Go Out Without Any Makeup On?

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Question: Do you ever leave your home naked..a naked face I mean! Do you ever go out with absolutely no makeup on? Or is it absolutely necessary to have atleast one makeup item on your face……a lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeliner, foundation..anything?

Most of the times! Although I would like to go college with a new eye makeup look everyday but I just don’t get the time in the morning. I  even comb my hair on the way! Everyday I sleep with a resolution to wake up 15mins early to do an elaborate makeup routine but it has never worked till now! So for daily basis, all I wear is a sunscreen and kohl. Once I didn’t have the time to line my waterline with a kajal and all day people kept asking if I’m sick. So yes its more of a necessity than makeup!

If you take good care of your skin and regularly cleanse and exfoliate then you can skip any base makeup most of the time. But on days when I know I’m going to be clicked (you know self obsessed girlie washroom clicks) then I make it a point to wear Ponds BB cream and Nyx tinted balm during the day.

If you would like to cheat your way to a no makeup glow then do read my tips on a no makeup look.


  1. Me too always fighting for more time and end up going out without makeup a lot!
    Recent BB’s are a bliss for me as i can always dab it over my face and feel a little secured..hehe

  2. Only since the last two-three have I started to feel comfortable going out without makeup. And even I get a lot of “Are you sick?” questions the day I don’t wear kohl.

  3. Only ALWAYS. Makeup is never a necessity for me even though I have oily, acne prone skin with lots of blemishes! It’s just like an accessory to dressing up for me , giving a similar effect like a nice bracelet or a cute hair clip! Also I go to a college which has very few gals and almost all of them are tom boyish, always in a Tee n jeans/capris/shorts!

  4. I am confident without foundation so don’t use it much. But I badly need a concealer on at all times. I do go out without makeup many times but my confidence remains low on those days. Makeup boosts my esteem and I love it. It’s very powerful and can work magic.
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  5. Yes, most of the days I wear no makeup to work (only Kajal and moisturizer and sunscreen). Its only during events or special days, outing I wear light makeup (lipstick and blush other than above mentioned). Foundation, elaborated eye-makeup only for functions and special occasions.

    People at work place think same that I am not well or had a fight :P if I dnt wear kajal :)
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  6. I sailed through college with Revlon eye pencil no. 11 and Chambor Clear gloss ( Yes, I was stupid enough to pay big bucks for clear gloss).

    But now I don’t leave without a generous dose of sunscreen(Lotus SPF 70). And Anshita I suffer the same fate if I don’t wear kohl. But I have realized I can get away with lining the upper lids alone. :)

  7. My worst nightmare is to go without make-up, I am prone to questions like, Are you ill? Why are you dull? Any problem? Is everything ok? Did you cry? Do you have jaundice? and all sorts of crazy questions. Ppl are used to seeing me with heavy make up most of the time and I never take a chance. Sometimes I wonder what if someday I land somewhere without any make-up products, what would be my condition ! And thankfully such a time has never come :P I hope it doesn’t ! However I manage to wear kohl most of the time and a lip-balm if nothing is available.
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  8. I certainly dont leave home without a kajal n balm but thats not makeup right :p I do try to apply Lakme cc cream if I have the time

  9. till last year i was no make-up girl (except for weddings etc which was limited to khols and lippies) but now with my growing awareness, im more of grooming one with lil more eye liner, lips, mascara etc but still not everyday kind as my office routine is quite tight and morn hours occupied with kid and hubby preps. i guess can improve..:-)


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