Err..It’s Not My Birthday! And No I’m Not a Topper!

bunny rabbit chocolate truffle cake

Okay so my mba 2nd sem result came out last week. I’ve got two news: good and best. Yeah! So I passed my finance paper (of which I attempted all theory!) The marks were not great but who cares! I thought I would flunk! The other better news: I topped the marketing paper in my college! No wonder I’m opting for it as my major.

So now the fun starts. My family is very weird I tell you. When I told them I had topped marketing they thought I had topped

      the whole university in all papers. After I cleared it, they were still very happy and papa brought a truffle cake the next morning as mithai. Cake?! So by afternoon mom said “let’s cut the cake”. Well I said let papa come home in the evening and we will cut it then. She snapped “it’s not your birthday! Its like mithai..we can have it now.”

Err..that’s right. Its not my birthday. So we asked my brother to bring the cake into the living room and he snapped “it’s not your birthday! You can bring it yourself too!”

Err..that’s right. Its not my birthday. Why do I even have a cake! So I brought the cake and a knife and we three sat around it. Now as soon as I started cutting it they both started with – happy birthd—err..happy..happy..oh just cut the cake!

The next morning when I got up and checked my whatsapp messages..there were some 12 unread ones in our family group “Junejas” which we cousins have made. This was the first message I read:

vanity no apologies indian beauty blog

And this is just one. There were 10! Alright these punjabi really don’t get anything! Its not my birthday! And no I’m not a college topper! Whatever..I got this bunny cake. I don’t really need to tell you how tasty it was.

chocolate truffle cake blogger

I have the most weird family in the world. Yet the cutest. Love them!


  1. Even if you’re not a topper it’s still fun.. I remember, no matter how bad i scored, i would still eat ice cream from the most famous ice cream parlour of our city while returning from the pta.
    And if i topped even one subject, it was a celebration :-)
    It feels great haina.. So congratulations and have fun.. Your family is really sweet :-)
    Sumathi recently posted…15 Changes: Good ones at thatMy Profile

  2. Awwwww thats so so so sweet… :) :) congrats on topping marketing paper and clearing finiancial one too :) :)

  3. this one made me really go “Awww” in a nice way :)
    Kinda jealous on you having such a folks who celebrates anything and everything :D
    Tiny recently posted…OrangeMy Profile

  4. Anshuuuuuu i want cake tooooo! Be sure to save it till Monday! ;)
    Your family is really sweet – so when r u inviting me over for a meal?! :D
    And yes dear, congratulations again! Everyone knows that u r the best at creativity, it was evident that u would top it up! :* :)
    Love you lots and remember it’s just a matter of days when i get back to irritating you! :P :*

  5. That’s something awesome…. :)
    Y shud birthdays get all d cake.

    N I hav a confession M kinda j… not coz o d topping or d cake. But I hav lived in a family with hardly any cousins. I have lovely siblings but no chacha- chachi….no cousins. Want urs! :/
    but as dey say grass is always greener on d oder side. :)
    Der out of my system.


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