Do you Fast During The Navratri?

navratri fasting

Today is ashtami…which in a simple and happier term means..I can EAT today! I’ve been keeping all the fasts from last 5-6years. You see I’m not really boasting or anything. Just for general knowledge and stuff you know *shrugs*

So where was I? Oh yes I keep ALLLLLLL the fasts! My reasons are less religious and more dietary but shhhhh nobody at my home knows that. They think I’m very sincere. I’ve been living on vrat ke ladoos, potatoes chips from last 7 days. Although I had the luxury

of vrat wale rice and kheer at nights. And now when I think back, my dietary reasons feel less and less convincing. Ummm do I actually eat more during fasting?

But stupid college, we had to all the pooja and kanjak at 7am so I could go college in time. We have our off tomorrow though. I’m wearing my orange kurti and blue jeans..just one of my attempts to try and dress upto the occasion.

What about you? Do you observe the fasts too? Please take a moment to answer the poll.

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