DIY Pre-Bridal Haldi Besan Ubtan Recipe Tutorial

DIY Bridal Haldi Besan Face Mask Recipe

DIY Bridal Haldi Besan Ubtan Recipe

Who says you can do the haldi besan thing only when you get married?! I was bored yesterday…..and we were planning to go out in the evening to watch Bhag Milkha Bhag (which didn’t happen) but all I wanted was an excuse to wear a face mask. But I wonder if this pre-wedding ubtan does anything for the Indian brides. I remember my bua whispering into my cousin’s ears on her haldi ceremony “jaldi se jaa ke dho lena warna wo diamond facial kharab ho jaega“. Really? Have haldi ubtans lost their charm?

Also some people argue that the turmeric in it stains their face and make them look too yellow. Well as a little girl I was once preparing

    this same mask and thought to myself that..if the haldi makes brides glow then I will use thrice the amount and glow three times…khikhi..well my little innocent experiment failed and I ended up with a yellow face and vowed never to use haldi ever!

People keep the haldi to just a pinch or two, not more than that. But since this wasn’t a haldi ceremony I skipped a lot of ingredients and thus I’m presenting you my not-so-heavy-duty haldi besan ubtan.

DIY haldi ubtan pre-wedding facial mask recipe
DIY haldi ubtan pre-wedding home made facial mask recipe tutorial step by step

Home Made Haldi Ubtan Steps:

1. Take 2tbsp gram flour (besan). Go more f you have a gigantic face.

2. Add just a pinch oh haldi. Keep the ratio of haldi to besan as 2:6.

3. Add 4tbsp rose water. Brides use milk but it makes my face oily.

4. Mix everything and your DIY Ubtan is ready!

Now apply a thick layer on your face and watch yet one more episode of Friends (I’m on season 5 btw) but only if you can keep a straight face when Joey says “how you doinnn!”. Wash off after 15-20 mins and voila you just spoiled your expensive spa facial..just kidding!

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  1. This is so easy-peasy. I used to think that ubtan has hundreds of ingredients :-D
    Will try super soon. Thanks for the DIY :)

  2. Extremely useful stuff for to-be-brides… for dry skin, perhaps even some honey may be useful. You are absolutely right about the haldi, it needs to be used in just the right quantity else it makes you too yellow.

  3. it wazz an awesome and effective home made “UBTAN ” i luvv it <3 and thanxx to u :) Anshita luvv u babes

  4. Skin Damaged BY Scrubbing ….Need Serious Help ?
    My Skin Was Fair But due to tan it became dull ,so to reduce tan i used Ubtan (mixture of sandal dust,turmeric,rose water ,cream ,glycerin ) and the recovery of my Skin Was good .But one Day someone Advised me that better to remove the ubtan by Scrubbing when it Get Dry ,After that advice I scrubbed My Skin very hardly 10-12 times ( in 1-2 Months ) .And after sometime I realised that My skin color again goes dull so I left that advise of scrubbing and Now I am using Ubtan normally but Now Ubtan is stopped working on my skin even when i am removing it gently.I think My skin is Dead OR Badly Damaged .

    Please Somebody Help Me Out ,If You can it really will be favor on me ……..Thanks in Advance………………….

    • Hello stuti,
      I can’t really give you a full proove remedy but try taking care of your skin alot like washing 2 times a day,use good moisturizer according to your skin type,use only natural products. And,if possible go see a dermatologist.
      Take care. :)

  5. hi, i used the above given ubtan today.i hve a few questions… once prepared how long can it be kept..that is can it be stored? pls update.


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