Its My Birthday Today!

happy birthday anshita vna

Its my birthday again! I wish I could say something funny like “Forever 21” or “Sweet 16” but naah 23 is..boring! I mean you are not a teenager..but you are not an adult yet. Its like you are forever confused who should you sit with at a party..the elders or the kids. Anyhoo its my last semester at the college so I gotta enjoy it more. I secretly don’t want to get placed because I want to go to college!

I bought this super awesome lace blue top online to wear today. The outfit and makeup pics will follow soon. I hope I get time to dress know how birthdays are..all the relatives calling you like crazy, parents dragging you to a temple to get some ashirwaad, people you didn’t know existed asking “party kha par hai?” You almost forget its YOUR day and you gotta spend some time alone to……cry because you don’t wanna get old!

birthday makeup cake vna

Somebody please get me this cake!

I sneaked into the kitchen around 11 30 and yep there was a cake waiting. Couldn’t they hide it some place better?!

Oh and I’ve not received any gifts……yet. Sailor is……well sailing. I hate it. I hate it. *think of good things, think of makeup..take a deep breath*

I plan to catch the latest episode of HIMYM tonight (isn’t the 9th season so bakwas? why are they dragging it?) I saw Frozen a couple of days back and that reminded me how much I still loouuve Disney movies..yep 23 n still a Disney lover.


  1. Many Many happy returns of the day Ansh..
    loads of love and god bless u..!!!!!!!!
    Hugs.. <3 <3

  2. woohooo Shawty its ya Birthday we gonna party like its ur birthday ha ha ok ok don’t stop reading just yet!. Happy Birthday Darling! I hope you have a blast and enjoy your day to the maximum! *hugs n kisses*

  3. love to read your post as always ;), n sply it was ur sply day so wishing u a very happy bday hope u remember the last year’s cake :D

  4. Hahhaahaha.. :D happy bday ..
    My 77 yr old granny stil refuses to say she is 77.. girls r girls always..njoy babe..

  5. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much everyone! Your wishes made it all the more special *warm hugs*


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