Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Hair Serum: Review, How to Use, Price


Review, How to Apply, Price, Buy Online Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Hair Serum

By Contributor: Neha

Hair growth oils and serums always attract me especially when the products are from a natural brand like Boutique. During my visit to big bazaar, the SA asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I wanted a good hair growth serum and she convinced me to purchase this one.  So read on for my review of Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum to know if it works.

Biotique Claims: Biotique Mountain Ebony is an intensive serum is blended with pure extracts of mountain ebony, long pepper, glycyrrhizin and the euphorbia tree, to promote new and healthy hair growth. Bio Ebony – Biotique Mountain Ebony stimulates hair, from root to tip, and leaves scalp feeling toned, exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation.


My Review:

All boutique products come in same plastic bottle packaging with screw green colored cap on top. There is a hole in the bottle which dispenses product in right quality which prevents wastage. The herbal minty fragrance of  Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth is not over-powering or offensive. Moreover, the fragrance lasts only till the serum is wet and then it vanishes. It contains all natural ingredients so herbal fragrance is obvious but don’t worry it’s not something you cannot tolerate.

The main ingredient of this stimulating hair serum or should I call it tonic is Water. The texture is entirely watery and when you pour the product in hand it just runs here and there. I pour the serum in a bowl and then using fingertips apply it on my roots. This hair serum is meant for roots and it should not be applied on the hair. After applying, I massage my scalp for 5 minutes and then allow the serum to dry on its own. The Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Hair Serum dries within 15 minutes without leaving any oily or greasy feeling. It absorbs quickly.


I have dry scalp due to which my scalp feels irritated and itchy sometimes. This serum relieves calms down my itch scalp and feels very soothing after application. In winters I also experience dandruff issues but this winter I have not experienced dandruff, I guess it’s because of Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth that I’m using. Since the serum is non-oily and non-greasy one can apply it anytime, I usually apply it in the night. The best thing about this tonic is that you don’t need to wash your hair after applying it because it’s a leave-in tonic (Innovative Boutique).

The claims of promoting new hair growth is false because I have been using it for quite some time and I have not yet experienced any hair growth. But other than that, it has reduced my hair fall to a great extent and now I see less hair in the comb. I have light brown hair but after using this serum my hairs started looking darker; my mom noticed it and told me. I am not using anything other than shampoo/conditioner on my hair right so the darkness of hair must be because of this tonic only.


Good Things about Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Hair Serum:

  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Texture is light and non-sticky
  • A leave-in serum so you don’t need to was hair after application
  • Feels soothing after application
  • Absorbs quickly without looking sticky or tacky
  • Reduced my hair-fall
  • Leaves no residue on pillow or scarves
  • Relives itchy/irritated scalp
  • Makes hair look dark
  • Contains natural ingredients which are good for hair
  • No preservatives

Not-so-Good Things about Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Hair Serum:

  • Misleading name, it’s not a serum it’s a leave-in Tonic
  • False claims of hair growth


Price: Rs.159

VNA Rating: 4/5

Buy Online:

Do I Recommend? Yes, if you are looking for something to reduce hair fall, calm down itchy scalp and reduce dandruff then try Biotique Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum. Don’t get it if you want a hair serum to control frizz and dryness because the name is misleading.

Have you used Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Hair Serum? Share your reviews with us.


  1. I am bored to death with this boring packaging of BIOTIQUE products. Very annoying it is !!
    I prefer quality products with good packaging. Afterall Packaging also matters.

  2. Hi, the review is for mountain ebony fresh growth stimulating hair serum.but the package shown in the picture is something difference…please don’t do this kind of mistakes..we as a viewer do get confuse..

  3. Biotique is Biotique. Unparalled. Pocket friendly. As for the packaging, a really good product does not need to entice or befool buyers with so-called packaging. I wish the company eternal life as such products must never cease to exist.


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