Best Indian Bridal Jewellery Designs by Kalyan Jewellers

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My Bridal Jewellery Picks from Kalyan Jewellers – Indian Bridal Diaries

The latest Kalyan Jewellers tv advertisement featuring Aishwarya Rai caught my attention. Finally a decent ad after that pressure cooker nonsense (jo biwi se kare pyaar wo cooker se kaise kare inkar? Really?!). A cousin of mine is getting married in September and these days I’m kinda hooked to looking up designer or beautiful bridal necklace sets online for his bride-to-be. That’s when some pretty elegant and good bridal accessories by Kalyan Jewellers caught my attention. More because they just recently opened three stores in Delhi:  Pritampura, Defence Colony and Karol Bagh.

While looking up I found they supposed to be the largest jewellery chain in India. Their headquarter (see how I make it sound super cool!) is in Kerala. Ofcourse..when in doubt turn to authentic and cultural South Indian gold makers. No wedding in India is complete without lavish jewellery. I personally prefer dainty diamond necklaces but kundan and polki sets please me equally (And I hope Sailor is reading). Here are some of my favourite bridal designs from them. Have a look at these:

bridal necklace designs indian kalyan jewellery
Diamond necklace by Kalyan Jewellers

You can pair it up with your engagement gown. Would suit off shoulders or deep necks beautifully.

bridal diamond drop earrings bridal jewellry
diamond drop earrings online


diamond peacock necklace designs jewellry indian
Leafy necklace

Just look at the leafy design. Totally a D-day piece

diamond necklaces kalyan jewellers india
elegant diamond jewellery

More understated diamond necklace. Okay honestly don’t ask me about the cut work because I don’t know much. I’m more like “ooh shiny..ooh prettyyy”

indian bridal jewellry designs kalyan jewellers
floral bridal designs

Love love this floral gold necklace. Who says gold is outdated? When it comes in designs like this no girl can refuse.

diamond jewellery set pendant earrings online india
peacock pendant set online

Love this peacock pendant and earrings set

wedding bangles design multicoloured indian
bridal bangles

Will go with any bridal lehenga

indian bridal designer bracelets cuffs gold
gold cuffs

Okay I don’t know the exact term but I am really loving the jaali work here. So delicate!

And I saved the best for the last..just just look at it

bridal cuffs designer gold kalyan jewellers
vintage gold bridal cuffs

My precious! I am not a cuff fan but I NEED it now. Gimme!!

My favourite is the necklace set in the first photo. So jaipuri. So weddingy. So bridal. So jodka akbar. So vintage. So expensive!

I don’t know the prices of these bridal pieces but if you want then I can call up the Kalyan guys and ask them. Let me know in the comments below if you like such posts and I will do more of them.

Which is your favourite Kalyan Bridal Jewellery? Share your views with us.


  1. you know a big coinicdence..i went to kalyan jewellers a few days back..and i saw the same set which is in the first picture…and my heart skipped a beat hearing the 17 lakhss!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great efforts.
    Sure we would love to know the prices. More of these posts with their price list would be rrally nice.

  3. Gorgeous. .marriages or engagement. or festival. ..any occasion, this collection would work the best. personal choice – the best one is the one with diamonds and Green stone. …just love it

  4. Beautiful collections!! Diamonds are loved by everyone and it enhances the beauty of the person. By seeing your collections i would really like to buy some jewelries. Specially, i loved the diamond earrings.

  5. Definitely awesome collection of jewelry. Everyone will love it. Great collection of Diamond jewelry, Earrings, Necklaces and all other jewelry. I visited a store similar to you named as A to Z Diamond jewellers in Jaipur. They also have the unique design and high quality of diamonds if anyone wants to try something new must checkout their website

  6. Wonderful collection of decent & gorgeous jewellery designs. Jivaana is wedding directory for all Indian Wedding Vendors to list their business in relevant category.

  7. Nice article, I love diamonds and usually prefer to wear this as compared to others.
    Your article is very informative, especially for diamond lovers. Keep posting more.


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