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Winner of Best Beauty Blog in India – #Win14

Blogadda organized blog awards to facilitate the best bloggers in India in total 16 categories like beauty, fashion, news, food, home makers, etc. The promotions were going on from a month and finally the event happened today morning at Marriott Courtyard, Mumbai with a lot of affluent speakers and bloggers sharing their secrets and tips on blogging along with a delicious lunch and loads of contests.

And now picture my morning. I got up around 10am, made myself a cup of morning coffee and went to bath. A tiny voice at the back of my head kept telling me to check the feeds but who was I kidding. I didn’t ask anyone to vote for me (I never do..dunno why), didn’t promote myself well..so you know my chances were almost zero. But boy was I wrong! As soon as I opened my twitter I was thrown away by the incoming tweets congratulating me!

blogadda blog awards win14

Okay now I regret not flying to mumbai. But in my defense I didn’t know I will win! You know I always had this fantasy of me wearing a LBD (I just bought one..backless..will show you soon) walking to the stage to accept my blog award and deliver my mini thank you speech waving to the crowd! Only I’m winning the best beauty blogger award in the world! But okay..India will do for now! Now I wish I was there to accept my award. Right now I don’t have much details..what happened when they called my name? who received it? was there a trophy? or prizes? I want to know!

If any of you attended the ceremony then please tell me!!!!! I want to know! Oh btw I forgot to say thanks..err. Thank you for reading me always. I don’t believe in serious scientific blogging so I will keep you entertained with my beauty adventures always. Welcome aboard. Ahoy!


  1. woohoooo wayyy to go girlieeee! I was seriously wondering why u weren’t campaigning for votes but looks like if u have talent u dnt need it. I’m sooo happy to hear this news and a big congratulation to u and the whole VNA family.

  2. Thank You for making it worth reading….for opening your world to all of us….Thank You for sharing!
    You earned it Ansh!
    ~Big Congratulations~ :)

  3. Congratulations..u deserved a win..I was so sure ud be there..but I know who knows na…
    waiting to c ur LBD..
    I was dying to go kept thinking should i attend the conference or not..eventually lazy me did not go..but it would be great to know from those who attended..what it was like..the conference and the award function..so next time we can all attend..
    but congratulations!!! celebrations :)
    Abhilasha recently posted…Pune Street Style : Pratiksha BahugunaMy Profile

  4. Wuhooooo… Yaaayyy!!! Congos ansh..<3 <3
    You are the bestest.. And i know one day you'll recieve the award for best blogger of the world.. Muaaahhh.. *.* *.*


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