Benefit They’re Real Mascara: Review, Swatches and Dupes

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Benefit They’re Real! Mascara Review

By Contributor: Aditi

Hola beauties! How have you been all this while? I have sincerely been good as I have been doing a number of shopping rounds! Mom has been generous on me for a while so on my recent visit to Sephora I got this most raved benefit they are real mascara along with other a few products that I would write about in sometime. This mascara from Benefit is raved about worldwide by beauty bloggers and makeup artists. We also have got some budget dupes of it if you don’t want to spend too much. Read all about it here. Its the best mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes and defines.

benefit theyre real mascara review india

So I was basically there to get something else but got this along. Having heard about this mascara for soo long I really wanted to lay my eyelashes on it and I must say the wait was worth it. Imean yeah! I must have read many reviews about it on beauty blogs but when I tried it for myself it was like magic. I seriously have never seen a mascara which works so instantly in just a single coat. Seriously you put on two or maybe three coats (for people with very thin lashes) and people would definitely ask you “baby are they real?” and you would answer with a yesssss THEY ARE REAL!

It very well separates, lengthens, defines, volumize and all those other mascara benefits. I mean I cant explain how instantly it shows  up.

benefit theyre real mascara review photo
benefit theyre real mascara

Benefit gives each of its product a luring packaging and this mascara comes wrapped in a black cardboard box and the tube itself is of plastic with a metcallic paint on it with a bold display of the mascara name.

Coming to the wand of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara, it doesn’t taper at the ends and is generously fat. The bristles are quite short and defined as compared to other volumising mascaras like the mayabelline colossal one that I previously used. The cap has the perfect width and shape to provide a grip while application. Over all a thumbs up for the packaging. I love it!

benefit theyre real mascara review swatches eyes
benefit theyre real on eyes

Now lets come to the actual qualities of Benefit They’re Real Mascara:

Consistency and Texture: I found this mascara to be on liquider side(that’s how I like my mascaras to be). It doesn’t clump at all. Yipeee! No matter how many coats you apply. Even if you apply 3 coats it gives you drama but no clumping.

Volume: Do I really need to talk about it? It seems as if your lashes have kinda doubled up. That’s amazing. I’m in love with how this works perfectly. It gives the perfect amount of amp and glamour to the lashes and opens up the eyes to brighten up the look.

Just dab on this Benefit mascara with a lipstick and you are good to go for those no makeup days.

And it’s the blackest black color when you put it on and a perfect colour for our dark Indian lashes. Even tough its waterproof and long wearing, its easy to take off with a makeup remover unlike the colossal mascara with which a few of my lashes come off!

The only con I could dig in it is the price. It costs 1600 bucks.

benefit theyre real mascara review swatches
benefit theyre real mascara review

TRICK FOR APPLYING: As we can see that this mascara doesn’t have the tapered want so its kind of difficult to reach the inner corner so what I do is apply a coat of mascara with the wand horizontally and then go in to the corner lashes vertically with the tip of the mascara. This enhances and separates them. It was a little trick that would help. Even after applying the mascara all over you can go on all the lashes again with the tip of the mascara wand to separate and define the lashes.

benefit theyre real mascara review
benefit theyre real

Price: Rs.1600

VNA Rating: 5/5

Dupes: Covergirl Bombshell, MUA Every Lash Mascara, Oriflame VolumeBuild, Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara

Conclusion: Benefit They’re Real Mascara is the best mascara ever and I’m in lovvee with it. With this my search for my perfect mascara ends.

Have you tried this Benefit Mascara? Share your views with us.


  1. Love it baby… It just looks marvellous on you….
    I have been foolowing your reviews… Thanku so much.. has helped me so much..
    Love u so much :*


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