Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat Nail Polish Review and Swatches: Black

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat review swatches

Avon Mosaic Effects Nail Polish Top Coat Black Review and Swatches

What are the most weird places to click swatches and photos for your blog reviews? Washroom (check), classroom (check), college canteen (check), dungeons (no its too hard to find a dungeon), moving car (check), train station..now check. Yup the other day I was waiting for my train at the nearby metro station and the clock showed 6 more minutes of waiting around so I took out the Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat Black Nail Polish I was carrying in my bag and started clicking NOTDs for the blog review oblivious to the stares of passing aunties and uncles who probably thought that I am either self obsessed or plain dumb. Who cares! Things you get used to when you turn into a vain beauty blogger.

Avon Claims: HOW TO CREATE THE CRACKLE-NAIL LOOK: STEP 1 Polish nails with your fave shade of nail enamel. 
STEP 2 Apply Mosaic Effects Top Coat over completely dry nail enamel for a dazzling design.

Shades available: Black, Red Lava, Plum Illusion, Gleaming Emerald, Gold Glimmer, White, Fiery Fuchsia, Blue Flash, Mosaic Mica

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black notd
Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat Black NOTD

Avon Mosaic Effects Nail Polish Top Coat in Black gives a matte finish. So you can pair it up with any shimmery or glimmery nail base. Since I did this nail art for Halloween last month so I picked up an orange polish – Avon Speed Dry+ Orange You Quick. The next time I planning to wear it with a neon pink or green nail polish.

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black swatch
Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black swatch

It dries up super fast..faster than you fastest drying nail paints so you gotta be quick and swift. Keep the thickness of the polish medium since too thick a coat will result in minor cracks (the blob you see on my thumb nail) and too thin a coat will result in too thin lines. So keep the richness of the polish to medium intensity. I’ve applied all sort of think to thick intensities on different nails to give you a better idea.

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black review

And make sure you have dried your base coat completely in order to have a good quality mosaic effect.

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black review india
Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black review

Avon calls this mosaic nail polish a top coat so I didn’t use a clear top coat with it. (Lying..I don’t use a top coat anyway). I like the matte effect it gives so I didn’t want to ruin it but using a clear top coat will seal your nail art and would obviously increase the wear time. Since I change my nail polish every week (mostly for reviews) so I don’t bother using one.

NOTD Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black

The lasting power of this mosaic polish is really good. Without a top coat, it lasts for 7-8 days easily without budging. I like the pricing too. In India, as far as I know only Colorbar has got crackle nail polishes and those are priced ridiculously so Avon Mosaic Effects gives a budget option. Btw can you see the train line in the background? Heehaah!

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black swatches
Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat black

Price: Rs.299

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

So is it for you? Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat in Black is a crackle nail polish. It comes in a lot of shades at an affordable price unlike other crackle nail polishes which can break your bank. It gives a matte finish and dries super fast. Without a top coat it lasts easily for 7-8 days without fading which I love. If you have never used mosaic or crackle nail polishes then you must give it a go and if you are a nail art lover then you would enjoy it a lot.


  1. I did see these on e-bay sometime back, but then it was fr 200 INR. Been hunting for crackle polishes a lot, but no luck in-stores. every time I ask for ‘crackle’ polishes, they are like ‘W-H-A-T’ ?


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