Avon Ideal Shade Concealer Stick – Review, Photos, Swatches

I sometimes feel that may be I’m jinxed when it comes to comes to concealers.

May be, She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named cast some spell on me “Anticoncealeretti!!” And now Anshita you are doomed for life. Why oh why Dark Lord no concealers for me? The thing is I’m never lucky with concealers, some are either totally off in colour, some crease like a maniac and some give a coverage which can put other concealers to shame.

It Says: Formulated with PreciseLight Technology. The perfect cover-up. Seamless, skin-true, full coverage. Visibly conceal undereye circles & blemishes.

Price: Rs.229($4-5) for 2gms

This ‘Ideal Match’ concealer is not my match at all…end of sad saga!

‘Ideal’ly, its not the concealer’s fault but not mine either. It has two shades: light and medium. And I had actually ordered the medium but I should have checked it when my package came home. I usually throw away the stuff when it arrives and open it days later when I actually need it. So yes, lesson learnt.

Anyhoo, I started using it and now I’m not sure what to do with it. What exactly can you do with a concealer which isn’t your match at all? 

I use it on my under eye area and it does a nice job of brightening it up. I don’t have severe dark circles to start with so this works for me. It takes a bit of effort in blending since it’s not creamy.

It fails when it comes to spot concealing:
  • The coverage is light, so it won’t cover up the dark spots and acne marks.
  • You are supposed to dab and not blend to conceal spots but when I dab it, it just stays there looking like some off white blob on my face.

You can see how off match it is for me. The arrow indicates where I applied it and you can see the area is considerably lighter.

Now, I don’t like tossing up products into the bin until and unless they are absolute duds. So, I found out ways to use it:
  • As an eye base: Although it isn’t the perfect eye base in the world, obviously since its not meant to be. But it works decently there.
  • As a lip concealer: under my lighter lipsticks and lip-glosses. And it works very nicely like this. It hides my upper lip pigmentation nicely and in fact I sometimes use it to re-shape my lips to make them look thinner and it works great. It makes my lip colours last longer too!
  • To brighten up my under eyes, as mentioned above.
You can read my review of the cheap highlighter marketed as Oriflame Concealer.
I’m now starting with the Inglot Cream Concealer and Colorbar Stick Concealer, so look out for them.


  1. Oh u shud hve tried the Oriflame concealers – no sitting in folds, is creamy and u will love its feel I beleive. I did


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