Angry Birds Nail Art Tutorials

Last night I had this “eureka” moment while looking at my brother’s phone’s back panel. Ok why didn’t the inspiration come from my own phone? Because after loosing my phone a few weeks back, I now have a phone which can’t give anything to anyone…forget inspiration! Umm I’ll not insult my phone here (anyway since its temporary) so I’ll come to the point that I so want to have Angry Birds on my nails. You know the popular apple game which everyone is apparently crazy about? The last I heard that a friend got a tablet just to play Angry Birds on it!

No. I’m not a nail art expert, but I found a couple of good videos after doing a lot of research online last night.
This one is for those like me who can just put a few strokes and that’s it. Also, it is one of the neatest and easiest tutorials I came acroos. So trying this tonight.

And this one is for the pros out there who can magically create designs and figures on their nails with just a brush! How do you girls do it?!

Do you love bad boys? You sure do right! I somehow always sometimes cheer for the bad guys while watching a flick..guilty. Here is a tutorials on those cute green pigs aka the bad boys!

Check out these awesome tutorials and let me know if you are trying out something.


  1. Wow! This is soo coool….hey do post yours…wanna see how it turns out…I’m gonna try the first one… Looks fairly easy..right?

  2. amazing luv the mani & the tute is really nice & easy,! I’d been playing angry birds for past 3 days straight (after 1 futile week of getting whipped by computer at chess) i’m tempted to try this one out. thanks for sharing!


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