Air Hostess Interview: How to Dress Up, Makeup, Hair Style, Nails (Tutorial)


How to Get Ready for Air Hostess/Flight Attendant Interview in Indian Airlines: Dress Code, Hairstyle, Eye Makeup, Lips

By Contributor: Shruti

How many of you pretty ladies want to work in the aviation industry? Well, I do. It’s just so cool to fly and see new places that too for free. As we all know airlines (especially the ones in India like Indigo, Spicejet, Jet Airways, Go Air, etc) want doll like faces and perfect bodies so I am showing you a step by step tutorial on how the eye and lip makeup should be done and what type of outfit should be worn. They are very strict about the dress code. Along with how to that neat and clean hairstyle. I will also show a clean and easy nail art too.

Trust me, everything from hair to makeup, outfit to nails needs to be perfect because they reject people in the first round itself if the grooming is not right and I have seen people getting rejected because their nails were not painted the right shade or their shirts had minor creases (which happens while travelling). I know duh, right?


Eye Makeup Tutorial for Air Hostess Interview:

Do your base. Use primer, concealer and foundation which provides proper coverage. I use ponds bb cream beneath my foundation for my bad skin days to get full coverage.

For the eyes:

Step 1. Apply a nude or light brown eye shadow all over your eyelids. Do not layer it, just apply a little which will enhance your eyes.

Step 2. Apply your favorite kohl on your waterline. I’ve used Maybelline colossal kajal.

Step 3. Tightline your eyes using the same kohl pencil.

Step 4. Apply a black or darkened brown eyeliner. I’ve again used Maybelline colossal kajal. Make sure the eyeliner is waterproof and smudge proof because you might end up siting at the interview office for the whole day because they do all the rounds together sometimes.

Step 5. Mascara time! I just love mascaras. Again use a waterproof one which does not clump and holds the curl for hours. I’ve used Maybelline colossal mascara. Fill in your eyebrows. And tada your eyes are ready.


Lipstick and Blush for Air Hostess Interview:

My color suggestions would be nude, blotted red, coral and warm pink lipsticks which are not too bright and stays longer. I’ve used and blotted bobbi brown artstick in harlow red. I’ve again used bobbi brown artstick I harlow red on my cheeks. Just put a few dots and blend quickly. And your makeup is done!


Hair Style for Air Hostess Interview:

Always tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Use hairspray or hair mousse to tame the fly aways. Make a small pouf with a ponytail or bun.


And that’s the whole flight attendant makeup look without looking scary or SA like


Oh oh I forgot about the nails. Match your nails with your lips or you can do a subtle nail art too like I did. Keep them simple as much as you can.


Dress Code for Air Hostess or Cabin Crew Interview:

I suggest you to wear a good quality Georgette formal shirt as it won’t crease with a black or grey formal skirt and black stockings. Shoes and handbag needs to be neutral. Wear nude or black pumps or wedges. Do not wear very high heels; 2-3 inch heel is more than enough. And you are ready to impress the interviewers with your personality.


Shirt: max / Skirt: forever 21 / Shoes: stelatoes / Handbag: stelatoes / Stockings: don’t remember (You can get them easily in any lingerie store)

That’s how you look presentable and interview ready in the hotel management or aviation industry. Cabin crew or flight attendants are shortlisted in the first round on the basis of their overall presentation. I am working in a very reputed airlines now. The look changes slightly when you start working officially. Let me know if you have any interview questions or any other queries I can help you with.

Team VNA wishes you all a very happy new year! May this year brings happiness in your life.


  1. Yeah you are right that grooming makes a sense in aviation industry interview but if after so many groomings and makeups if one candidate falls dumb in front of the interviewer nothing can help her………..not the makeup not the shoe not the bags

  2. Had to comment on this one. Your creativity, much appreciated. Finally saw something different from the usual dose of #OOTDs. This will be helpful for the ‘real’ people.

  3. Hi Shruti I have 3 questions that I really hope you won’t mind answering

    1)Are you an airhostess/flight attendent or cabin crew or work for the aviation industry?

    2)How tall are you? (if you don’t mind) I have a friend who was rejected just because of two things 1)she was around 2 kgs overweight 2)She is 5’1 which is around 1 or 2 inches then their minimal reqiurement

    yes they r quite harsh here in India

    • Hi sakshi :)
      Yes I am working with a reputed airline as a flight attendant/cabin crew. I’m 5’4″. And yes they do reject people because of their height and weight. And nope I don’t have any diploma for this. I’m a post graduate. I joined aviation to visit places for free :P

      • hey i really want to knw that wat is the last round in spicejet i am selcted for the scnd round but the pereon who took the frst round he told me that scnd round will b condcted by HR seniors,but as far as i knw tht HR senior take interview aftr thw whole selction and i m having a doubt that m i selcyed for the job or not cs the lady told me to sing a bond in secnd round!

        • Hey Charu have u got the job?I m going for an interview next week..i m little nerves…what kind of question they asked ?

          • Hy…
            Ya i got slctd nd strtd flyng.
            Thy will ask u abt u only n if u r a fresher then will b no strcness nd litl bit questions tats it. So go for it n u will get slctd dnt wrry . Al the very best ?

              • hello ma’am,
                i wanted to know that which institute should i join for airhostess training.
                i have just passed 12th std.
                n i want to see my career in aviation industry.
                please guide me. I hope your guidance will be fruitfull for me.

      • Hi.shruti gupta…can u plz..tell me..cuz…I m tryin for airhostess interview ..i just wanna knw height is 5’4 inch..but weigh is only 40 do they reject me…cuz of my weigh …thnx…

      • Hey there a lots of compution in this industry? Pls tell what type of dress i have to wear for air india cabin crew intrw..m preety enogh but i have a light pigment on my cheek..thy people will do reject me or not.pls tell dear

    • We have a modeling academy and we require some models if u r interested then u can ping ur profile on 8860213065 whatsap

  4. actually..i feel in India there is no airline that accepts me for my indian looks( i mean dusky skin tone) they all like that doll like crew… i hope this change a bit…great post..loved it shruti ji :)

    • they do. i have seen dusky cabin crew. but i know its difficult to get through. try n make your skin look as flawless as possible when you go for interviews. its clear skin they want, not fair

      • aww…u so humble and sweet anshita :) i almost forgot about my question as most of questions are not answered in many sites after the date of post..but u r sooo cool…thank you so much..this really made me happy and think positively :D

  5. Hey Shruthi,
    I would like to know about what they would ask in an interview?
    and what was your answer when they asked you that why do you want to be an air hostess?
    Thank you :)

    • Hi cookie :)
      They ask your intro, roles n responsibilities of cabin crew, some safety aspects, whether you are willing to put the passengers safety before your own and a few general questions..they will also give you situations which are based on common sense..awareness is very important and be well groomed..that’s it :)

  6. I m jst crazy fr dis job bt da prblem is my weight is 65 kg nd height is 5.3 nd age is 17+ nt dudes plz suggest me hw 2 decrease my weight

  7. Hi Shruti,
    I want to know what should be the length of the skirt, knee length or above knees.. And is there any way of sitting in the interview??

  8. but if there was an indian airline interview then what kind of saree we have to wore give me some suggestions regarding this


  9. Hey!
    I’m wentd did job since childhood so dat I could fly fr free! I’m doing my final year degree
    My question is- Is there any course to be taken before the interview or will the airlines give training after selection!?

  10. Instead of skirts can’t we wore a pant
    And if not what must be the length of the skirt?
    Another question plz don’t mind is their questions are too much hard I mean what types of questions they ask in an interview
    Please Shurti would u guide something I really wanna to be an Air hostess……………

  11. Hey hi…actually i heard and read out in some websites that…probably they select there heights according to there age…is that true? And another question..what if iam 5″inch for…!! Will i be selected??

  12. hey dude…hw u duin?hope if u dnt mind cn u plz share me some of the secretness which u olready face during your interview??

  13. With a skirt so short….I doubt if you can make it……girls please do wear a skirt suit with the length of the skirt going mid-knees

      • Hey! Arshita i wanted to know if we have to wear a blazer and scarf around neck compulsorily for spicejet interview or just formal shirt and skirt with stockings will be fine?

  14. Hey !!! hi actually now my age is17 running it will be completed on Sep so can I join on Sep nd I also the french language nd personality development certificate from Cambridge Institute.

  15. Hello mam,
    I think i fit every requirement well and i have all it takes to be an air hostess but this scar like pea shaped birth mark on my forrhead is scarying the life out of me.will that get me rejected by the reknowned airliner companies?

  16. my height is 5.3″ and age 18, my wait is 40 kg,. so can I join air hostess ? I mean I want to know that can I get a chance for select ?

  17. my aim is air hostess good morning Sir and madam my contact no 9041414569 plz job interview dena main thanks g

  18. my height is 5.3 nd weight is 45 kg age is 18 so can i select for an airhostess nd what’,$ the dress of airhostess of all places…

  19. hello I wanted to know one thing that if I am going for an indigo airline interview will the interviewer ask all the questions about their own airline that is indigo or can ask about another anirline companies as well I am having a doubt about this coz this September 2015 I am going for indigo interview plz help me so that I can prepare myself nicely so that I can get selected coz it’s my dream to be an airhostess to be a cabin crew of a reputated airline companies like indigo. ..

  20. I want to know one thing also dat is really eye sight matters a lot if m wearing spectacular can’t it get managed from contact lenses coz I am wearing contact lenses from last 6 years

  21. shruti plz help me regarding these questions really it’s my dream to b and airhostess I want to fly high to achieve my dreams plz help me regarding da questions and all dear

  22. hey hello. .your post helping me so much i was thinking what to do with make up how to apply all the things..actually i have interview this moonday and i am very nervous and thinking what is going to happen .. what should i wear and how should i dress up.. please tell me how will they judge me ?

  23. first of all thanx for this post shruti.. I loved it.. n my question is fair look is important for air hostess??? my height is 5’6 n wait is 50kg but my skin colour is not fair n not so dull also.. I hv clear skin not fair… if anybody knows my question’s answer then plsss tell me….

  24. hello myself Aishwarya sharma I want to became an airhostress n my height is 5’1 but I trying to became more taller my weight is 50 n my age is 18 yrs plz help me…n reply to my question…thqnking you

  25. hii i ve been git s cal lettr frm air india so hz to gt ready to interview i mean vch colour saree n hz to b done vd make up n blouse hair style plz answer m

  26. hii i ve been got the cal lettr frm air india so hz to gt ready to interview i mean vch colour saree n hz to b done vd make up n blouse hair style plz answer m

  27. hey …i have a pimples spot on my face .will ill b rejected on interview? my hieght is 5.6′ n my weight iis 50. for my spots, will there b any problm to become air hostess or cabin crew?

  28. hii am akashya i juz luv to fly and my question is air hostess can work as air hostess till the age 25 ?

  29. Hey. !! Plz . I want to be an airhostess ….. I m in 12 th after passing my exam i want to take admission in Frankfinn . I m jst scard about it that i m 16 Year old . Nd my birthdate is 4 Aug . Can i applyy for this course or not ?, ,plzz anss me i.m really so scard bczz i really want to be an airhostess . . . *-* . . . Thnq .

  30. hey!
    I want to know that I am slim it Ohk for air hostess…
    and my eye side is also week ..that’s why? m asking to u

  31. I am 17 years old Going to give 12 th exmination my height is 5″4 & weight is 45 my complexion is fair. Can i give interview after completing bcom?

  32. This article is very misleading. None of your suggestions would work for an US/Middle East airline. Infact, if I dressed like that for an airline interview, they would say bye bye before I could say hello and shake my hands.
    US/Middle East standards: The skirt is way too short! Skirts should be 2 inches below the knee. No nail art because it is childish. Nail color is required to a solid color typical light pink. The shoes are horrible. Shoes should never be chunky and draw attention. US carriers require you to wear 2 or 3 inch heels in black or dark blue.

    You should state in your article that your suggestions are for whatever country’s airline you work for because generalizations are very misleading.

  33. Hi, I am Rhea n I want to be en air hostess.My height is 5’5 and weight
    48 kg.My complexion is not fair. Can I apply for an air hostess interview

    • Rhea….according to bmi (body mass index )you are underweight .try to gain weight.fair ,dusky doesn’t matter .but ur skin should be clear.(ie without pimples,big scars etc).

  34. Can I join the traning acadmy after 12th.or is this important that I hv t do a graduation for airhostess

  35. Hii dis nehaa age 24…my interview date is 14 march…really vry nervos… I hav never gvn intervieww… di iz my first interview.. plzzz cn u help me out wht kind of question vil be askddd ..really qantd to becom an air hostress..

  36. Hello mam. My name is Najneen Kausar.I m in class 12th.I m 159 cms and 47 kg.My age is 18yrs.My problem is that I have acnes on my forehead. But no permanent marks on my skin.And a birth mark on my stomach.So,m i eligible for airhostess.plz mam I need Ur help..plZ help me.

  37. I’m Varsha Gautam . I’m middle class famly from Delhi, shahdara. my qualification is I’m perusing in B.A second year from Delhi University. 
    I well known about this job. Please give me a chance to prove that I would fit in with the company ideals . Plzz reply me..
    my height is 5’5 & weight is 49
    . plz inform me

  38. I’m Varsha Gautam . I’m middle class famly from Delhi, shahdara. my qualification is I’m perusing in B.A second year from Delhi University. 
    I well known about this job. Please give me a chance to prove that I would fit in with the company ideals . Plzz reply me..
    my height is 5’5 & weight is 49
    . plz inform me kindly request to uh.

  39. hi .i m Radha form noida …can you tell me air hostess job for important diploma .author wise we do certificate course.

  40. I am Diana, I want to enter into the aviation industry but my problem is that I have a big scar on my foot. Is that obstacle for me?

  41. Hey !!! Myself Aishwarya Singh … I ‘am 17 years old n now in 12th std .. After my 12th i wanna gain the best wonderfull experience of being an Air hostess … My height is 5’2 would there b any prblm during interview regarding height ???

  42. Hi myself sahana i have a interview in Indigo airlines on 8th june,2016. Please suggest me how to clear the interview.

  43. My heigh is 5.4 and my weight is 60 kg can I eligible for cabin crew interview please someone help me out.pls it my request………

  44. Hello
    My height is 157cms
    N weight is 38.3
    M beautiful. .
    Only weight is less..
    Will I be selected or not? ??

  45. Comment:I have been for a interview for indigo airlines and interview was good bt the lady who took the interview told me if I be shortlisted she will call me up so what does it mean

  46. Hey, I m 5’2 in height.. Can I apply to become an airhostess…!? I have beautiful features n fair color skin.. Whats the minimum height required to become an airhostess?
    Reply fast

  47. Hey, m height is 5’7.I’m applying for air. Hostess in jet airways ..! please suggest me how to clear my interview

  48. Hello guys this is vyshu nd iam studying 12 aftr completing my 12 i want to join in airhostess my height 5’3 as well as a weight is 53 nd iam 17 years old am i eligible to airhostess nd that to i want to join in frankfinn nd one thng i fotgotten is frankfinn is good pls anshita rply me soon

  49. Plz help me I’m a fresher and I’m going to indigo ground staff interview on 14 of tis month
    Plz tell me that how to dress up nd makeup

  50. Plz help me I’m a fresher and I’m going to indigo ground staff interview on 14 of tis month
    Plz tell me that how to dress up nd makeup

  51. Plz help me I’m a fresher and I’m going to indigo ground staff interview on 14 of tis month
    Plz tell me that how to dress up nd makeup
    Plz plz plzz

  52. Hello,
    Please help me i’m a fresher and i’m going to attend Jet Airways Cabin crew interview on Nov 8th. Kindly explain the make up and other . and also one visible small scar & black mole in my face, any problem to attend ?

  53. Hello everyone,
    I am keen to work with airlines. can anyone just guide me. Any interview in this month

  54. i am lizi i like this job,and my appearens slim,and mediam clr,speak with others to fear.i like to put in make up..

  55. Hy im anamika

    I’m 5’1 can im able to be a airhostess??

    And which institute is good for me? Please tell

  56. Hello I have made a tattoo on my wrist but aftr i got to know that tattoos are not allowed for air hostess but now i want to apply for interview for jet airways. Is there any possibilities to get selected.

  57. Plz somebody tell me that which type of question is asked in air hostess interview…… And how to prepare for an interview

  58. Hey…plz help me..I hve cmpleted my 12th n anyhw I want to become airhostess..I wnt to knw rht wht type of ques do they ask?And what should be a proper and on that..plz tell me..

  59. hii gyss reenu here plz suggest me ,
    i also wnt to knw that is it compulsory to do course or if ill nt do course and i hv cmpleted my post graduation & my age was 25 yrs and height 157cm so can i selected & hws the frankfinn institute in mumbai ghatkopar plzz rply as early u can…………………

  60. Hlo ,I am a fresher and haven’t given any interview yet ,I want to give interview for airhostess ,
    But I have a querry that is it necessary that teeth should be perfect ,as my below teeth are not proper in the front ,is it be a negative point for me for not being selected
    My age is 20 ,please help me

  61. Which kind of questions they ask of an interview….and for being domestic air hostess how mch english language is essential?

  62. Hi there, first of all thank you so much for such an useful information. Thank you!
    Secondly, I really want to know about the interview rounds and written exam. How and what we have to prepare on our own.
    Again, I also want to know that i met with an accident in childhood and i hava some stitch marks on my face. Is it a complusion to get a surgery done ? or they can accept you like that ? Please reply me ASAP.

  63. heyy.. i m garima. mah dream is to become a airhostress. can u tell me about the job nd rules for dis.. mah height is short abt 5 can i apply for dis job? plss suggest me . i m trying to increase the height .

  64. Hiii …I m Indira Das.I want to become an air hostess. I am 21 years old& I completed B.A from kalyani university of West Bengal. I m belong to middle class family. I am 5’4″ & I know Bengali, Hindi,&English.May I know how I can get this job…??

  65. Hy mam i m muskan and i m doing study in 12 class .so i ask a question that graduation is compulsory of international level of airhostess

  66. I m 16 yrs I want to be an airhostess…. I m in 11th class…. please tell me… what to do after 12???… plzzz

  67. Really Very Informative Article Shruti Mam I m very happy to be here and read this Great Post Thank you for sharing your Information and Keep Sharing more and more information which make us up to date thank you :-)


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