A Normal Day…..VNA Featured in Cosmopolitan India!

Indian beauty blog in Cosmopolitan Makeup

Smelly Cat, Smelly cat what are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, smelly cat it’s not your fault… They won’t take you to the vet. You’re obviously not their favorite pet.

Oh I’m sorry. This happens when you watch 2 complete seasons of FRIENDS back to back in just a week! If you ask me thats pretty much all I do these days. I’ve my 2 month vacation from college (of which one month is already finished…where?? how?? when??). So I just refuse to come out of my pajamas and move my butt. All I do is sleep, eat, blog, watch Friends….all at odd hours. You get this yaayy feeling when you are munching Lays Magic Masala at 3 in the night and watching Chandler being his sarcastic funniest best.

So as you may have noticed Vanity No Apologies got featured in Cosmopolitan India in the July 2013 issue. I still haven’t got my hands on the magazine yet so I thought I will show you some shots from its pdf version. Okay I’m itching to say – OHH–MYYY–GOD!! No it isn’t me, its Janice taking over me! I’m not really going OMG….just a tiny little omg without capitals. Yeah.

These guys asked me to send a nail art tutorial in the middle of my exams. Hello?. But since its Cosmo you can’t really just say “hang in there…lemme just check my diary”. And what use being a beauty blogger when you can’t put in these tiny little adjustments here and there in your imaginary diary. So to cut the story short, I may flunk in the finance paper but who cares I got a full page in Cosmo!

cosmopolitan july 2013


Indian beauty and makeup blogger


Here is the smelly cat video for you:

I have a complete new post planned when I get the magazine. For now just lemme just be breezy about it. May be I should call a friend an say “Hey I’m in this month’s Cosmo and very breezy!!“.

That’s right. Not excited like a stupid kid. Just breezy. Very very breezy.



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