7 Best Benefits and Uses of Vitamin E Capsules or Oil: Skin and Hair

vitamin e capsules and oil benefits for skin and hair

Top Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin and Hair Dandruff

 By Contributor: Moupee

We all long for healthy glowing skin and healthy lustrous hair. To get that you need to give your skin and hair sufficient nourishment. Nutrients are not only important for physical health but they are also important for giving you healthy skin and hair. Thus nourishing your skin and hair with essential vitamins and minerals is the basic foundation to making your skin and hair healthy. One very important Vitamin that plays a pivotal role in boosting skin health as well as hair in Vitamin E. It’s available in Capsule form in the market.

The capsules are usually green or golden yellowish in color filled with gelatinous substance in a soft squeeze-able shell. Often our diet doesn’t supply us this essential Vitamin adequately. So to make up for the deficiency, we can use these Vitamin E Capsules or even the Vitamin E Oil to provide the much-needed nourishment to our hair and skin. Let us learn about the uses of Vitamin E Capsules or Oil for skin and hair

For Skin:

1. Treats Dry Skin:

You can effectively treat dry skin problem with the help of vitamin capsules or vitamin E Oil. All you have to do is squeeze out the contents of few capsules on your dry skin and massage generously. In the same way the Vitamin E Oil too can be massaged on your dry parched skin generously to moisturize and hydrate skin sufficiently. The result will be a soft and supple skin. So treat your skin with Vitamin E Oil or capsules this winter and keep the ‘dry skin’ woes at bay

2. Soothes sun burns:

If you slather the contents of Vitamin E Capsules on a skin that is affected by sun burns, it will get soothed and the healing process will be expedited. Alternately you also apply the all

3. Treats certain skin issues:

You can effectively treat or rather control skin issues like eczema or psoriasis using Vitamin E Capsules or Oil. Prick capsules with pin and squeeze out the gel for generous application on the affected parts. The same applies to the oil.

4. Good for Wrinkles & Stretch Marks:

Using Vitamin E Capsule contents or oil on Wrinkles or stretch marks and massaging in the proper direction can help those fade out with time. The key reason for this however is that Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants which promote speedy cell regeneration. It’s best if you blend 1 tsp almond oil or olive oil to Vitamin E Oil or the contents of the Vitamin E Capsules before using it for massage.

For Hair:

1. Treats dry Hair:

Vitamin E Oil or the squeezed out gel from the Vitamin E Capsules can be massaged on to the full length of the hair and scalp. It will provide all the nourishment to your dry scalp and dry hair. After 30 minutes, rinse hair with some herbal shampoo and apply herbal conditioner as well. Your hair will no longer be dry and frizzy

2. Treats Dandruff Problem:

If you apply the contents of Vitamin E Capsules or the oil to your scalp, you’ll easily get rid of dandruff issues and hair loss due to the stubborn dandruff problem

3. Promotes hair re-growth:

Massaging scalp with Vitamin E Oil or Contents of Vitamin E Capsule can foster hair re-growth by effectively boosting blood circulation at the air follicles. So issues like baldness can be addressed to some extent.

So these are the best uses of Vitamin E in your daily routine.


    • Can I mix vitamin e capsules directly to the bottle of coconut oil or just add before applying?? Is 1 capsule enough for 1 application? Can I leave it in my hair? Can it be used for children as well?

  1. Most effective use of vitamin E capsules is For dark circles…i have terrible dark circles and using these capsules did wonder to me…it is most effective remedy for dark circles..my dark circles are almost on the verge of saying good bye to me :) i love it :)

  2. Nice Post ! I am using mastani hair capsule of amruta pharma with great results
    and my hair got shinier and stronger within a week, You also give review for this herbal product.


  4. I recently started using Vitamin E capsules for my hairs and I can see the difference am really amaze with the results. I am using Evion 400 capsules squeezed in 2 tsp Amla hair oil and then applying to scalp and massaging 5-7 minutes. There are many uses of Evion 400 capsules.


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