6 Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Christmas: Twists to the Game



Top 6 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Games to Play on Christmas Parties with Kids

By Contributor: Moupee

The Elf on the Shelf has quickly evolved from being just a bestselling book published By Carol and Chanda to a popular part of Christmas mythology. Since the last 2-3 years the Elf on the Shelf concept about a group of elves who sit around in homes watching children to see if they are “good” or “bad” till Christmas has captured the attention of possibly every kid who celebrates Christmas. If you are thinking of the best ways of incorporating the watchful Elf in your home, here are some of the best game ideas to play on birthdays, parties or just at home during Christmas time.

1. Elf Breakfast Party

Introduce the cute Christmas Elf to your home in a grand style 12 days before Christmas. Connote a special North Pole breakfast for your kids (they are going to love it) consisting of chocolate doughnuts, warm cocoa, cookie crumble on a festive platter. The elf can be introduced sitting on the breakfast table with a North Pole Breakfast menu card attached to the back and a special message in his hand. If you want to drill some good habits in your kids under this pretext then make sure that the message is about the goodness of finishing breakfast everyday!!

2. Candy Man Elf

In case you want to bring on the Christmas Cheer a little early in your home then you can try out the Candy man Elf Idea game. Hide candy bars at obscure corners of the house like bathroom closet, top of the refrigerator, inside the cupboard, taped to the inside of tables etc. Now introduce the Elf sitting on your Kids room with a message in his hand. The message should read “I have hidden candy bars in your room…Find them in 10 minutes” or something similar.


3. Good Manners Elf

The Elf on the Shelf idea basically centers around the idea that good manners can be taught to children via elves who are anyway designated to sent report cards to Santa about the behavior of kids. If you want to ensure that your child is on his/her best manners (at least during the few special Christmas days) then install the good manners elf in your home. You can keep an elf near the wash basin bearing the message “it’s good to brush every morning and every night”. Alternatively an elf with an equally judicious message can be kept in the potty training area so that your kid is reminded to be on his best manners.

4. Hiding in the refrigerator Elf

An elf hiding in the refrigerator is a good symbol of caution for your kids who might be excessively fond of midnight ice cream snacks. The refrigerator is also a place that allows plenty of opportunities for decorating and stylizing an elf. Arrange the elf around fruit bowls, broccoli sprouts and other healthy food items so that your kid is tempted to consume them. So this Christmas position your elf in the shelf cleverly inside the refrigerator.

5. Updating e mail elf

If you want to re-invent your elf everyday then incorporate a new twist of technology in your elf. Put up the elf near your laptop and customize a note for Santa everyday reflecting on the daily behavior of your kid. The note should be changed daily and be funny with a twist of advice on proper behavior at Christmastime thrown in. All you have to do is to set up the note as desktop screensaver each day and your elf will be good to go.

6. Garden Elf

In case you don’t want to set any specific message to your kids with the elf then you can easily consider installing it in the garden. The Elf in the garden can sit prettily on your favorite rose bush or you can even put the elf on a trailing vine near the window from where it can peek in surreptitiously from the window. The garden elf can also have its own customized mini garden with lights.

So are you inspired to play these games with your kids? And if you have been inventive creative ways to do it then do let us know your ideas as well.

Which is your favourite Elf on the Shelf Idea? Share your views with us.



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