10 Best Sunscreens in India: Oily Skin, Dry Skin with Prices

10 best sunscreens available in india


10 Best Sunscreens Available in India

By Contributor: Srishti

Brainstorming through ideas for posts I realized how could I have missed on this one. SUNSCREENS!! In a tropical country like India which is full of pollution and hot sun in the summers, sunblocks are a necessity (especially for girls like me who themselves are insanely protective about their complexion and then they have those ever pampering mothers like mine who say “hae kitni kaali ho gai meri bachhi” in every holiday they come home from college). The best SPF for Indian skin in SPF 30.

Some things we should know:

  • There is this very common mistake Indian girls tend to make –they miss out on sunscreen on rainy days (when intensity of sun rays though less in not absent) and in winters (when the sun is actually nearer to the earth).
  • SPF (sun protection factor) role – if your sun screen is SPF20 that means your skin, which would burn in the sun after 10 minutes, is protected for 200 minutes.
  • It is not recommendable to use SPF of around 75 since scientifically SPF 30 already blocks 97% of UVB rays.
  • Always apply sunscreen 15-20mins before getting into sunlight.

Anyway back to the point, here are the 10 best sunscreens available in Indian market:

1. Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Lock Daily Sunblock SPF 40


10 best sunscreens available in india for oily skin


3 in 1 for there are three things it does – sun protection, skin lightening, mattifying. I would actually rank this #1. Its my sweatheart. Believe me, I have been a sunscreen user all my life and I have not come across a better sunscreen. It gives the skin the feel of silica primer, lasts long, is sweat free, and has a mild fragrance. It is “the perfect” sunscreen for any type of skin so oily skinned people shouldn’t hesitate in purchasing it. It also comes in a variant of SPF 50. ( Rs.165 for 60gm for 40 SPF)

2. VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 with Pineapple Extracts

10 best sunscreens available in india for oily skin


This gets #2 from me. This is again for all skin types (oily skinned girls it’s a good to go forJ ). Non greasy effect rocks (though it does not give the matte effect)! What is dislike about it is its pineapple fragrance which although eventually diffuses in the air. It blends and gets absorbed in the skin beautifully. Having an oily skin, you wouldn’t need a moisturizer with it, it keeps the skin hydrated.( Rs 295 for 100gm)

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry-touch Sunblock SPF 50+


10 best sunscreens available in india for oily skin


I give it #3. The best thing about it is everything about it..haha.. it is as light as a hydrator (you don’t feel it on your skin), oil free, water proof and sweat free so it is not easily rubbed off and has a light fresh scent.( Rs.500 for 88ml)

4. Ansolar Daily use Gel-cream SPF30


10 best sunscreens available in india for oily skin


 It is safe for oily skinned girls. Its light weight, water resistant and yes! sweat free. (Price Rs.650)

5. VLCC sweat free SPF 40

10 best sunscreens available in india

It’s not actually that sweat free but it is quite a good sunscreen for dry skin because it is bit greasy (which does not compliment oily skin).  (Rs 325 for 100gm)

6. Lacto Calamine Sun Shield Daily Use Sunscreen – Oily to Normal Skin Variant SPF30

10 best sunscreens available in india for oily skin

Lacto calamine though has been the aid to many helpless acne prone girl over all these years but this time it came as a disappointment to the oily skin (makes oily skin sweat profusely). But it is boon for normal to dry skin with lemon extracts to control oiliness. (Rs.199 for 50ml)

7. Sebamed Sun Care 50+ Very High Multi Protect Sun Lotion

10 best sunscreens available in india

This is one of the most popular non-sticky sunscreen for sensitive, dry and normal skin. It is light, water and sweat resistant. Its greasy effect is not for oily skin as it does not mattify it well. (Price Rs.1500)

8. Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sun Screen Gel SPF20

10 best sunscreens available in india for oily skin

Being aloe vera based it is best suited to acne prone skin, highly sensitive skin, combination oily skin. A pea sized drop covers the whole face and extremely light on the face. (Rs 260 for 120ml)

9. Proactive Daily Protection plus Sunscreen SPF 30

10 best sunscreens available in india

Non greasy light weight formula also helps reduce acne breakouts. (Rs799 for 112gm)

10. Banana Boat Ultra Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

10 best sunscreens available in india

This one is pretty good for dry to normal skin. It feels light on the skin but for oily skin it takes a bit of time to get absorbed in the skin and at times might feel greasy. It is water resistant and lasts for a decently good time.  (Around Rs.350-400 for 90ml)

These our my short and useful sunscreen reviews of the best brands available in India. And not only girls but men can use them too! So the list had a lot of options for oily and acne prone skin including a few options for the dry and rough skin as well.

Which is the best sunscreen or sunblock in India? Share your views with us


  1. i love the lotus one and also the neutragena one….i want to try the banana boat one…where can i buy in india??online??

    • I wouldrather recommend you to try aroma magic ..
      otherwise banana boats available on Rediff.com ,junglee.com

      • Thanks…does aroma magic work well even for sports and outdoor activities esp swimming. Also I have very oily skin and stay in a humid place like kolkata. Do you still recommend aroma magic over banana boat?

        • Sorry about the late reply .. Anyway m not sure abt how anyone of them works in case of sports.. Based on personal experience i think no sunscreen is totally water resistant.. But yes aroma magic definitely over banana boat coz aroma magic is gel based ..

  2. I would rather recommend aroma magic..
    otherwise as far as I know junglee.com and Rediff.com has banana boat:)

  3. I am loving the L’oreal tinted sunscreen. It is very hydrating, evens out my skin a bit, does not give a white cast and has high SPF.

  4. hello,my skin is a dry skin and i wanted a sunscreen which is around 200/- i have little dark spots on my face..can u plz suggest my sunscreen coz i want my skin 2 look fair and healthy…..plz help me out….

    • please try the lotus 3 in 1 mattify sunscreen. its awesome. it works as a primer, the facelooks really fresh after applying this.

  5. Hi… My skin is v sensitive… No products suits me… Whenever I hv tried sm new products or sunscreen I always got rashes… My skin smtimes got dry and smtimes oily.. Plz anybody suggest me which sunscreen to use .. Sebamed … Banana boat . As sunscreen for v sensitive skin is available in both of these product..

    • hello, its better use amiri sunscreen it really works.. as i am using it..My skin also has the same problems that you are having.. So i went to dermatologist he suggested me this cream……….

      • can u tell me the cost of that amiri sunscreen..??? actually im also having same prblm like yours..nd i never used sunscreen before…so i want to use dis sunscreen nw…so plz tell me..is der any chance of getting side effects by using dis cream..

        • cost u can check on amazon and there is no side effects u can check der iam using it since a month .

  6. hi my skin is very oily plz suggest me a sunscreen… i had use aroma magic gel bt nt satisfied with it…plz suggest me

  7. I love reading thru yr posts, however I feel that all the reviews are mostly keeping in mind oily skin. I have dry skin and feel that dry skin girls might feel ignored;)

  8. Hey ! Srishti lovely reviews ! But I have sensitive dry acne prone skin and am in search of sunscreen that provide protection and wont breakout ! And its task for grls like us to find perfect sunscreens :)

  9. hiii..shristi ….u hv wriiten lotus sun safe as 165 /- but it is 225/- in lotus website….plz clr d confusion……what is d actual price………or u purchased frm any website………plz rpl soon..”

  10. Hi, My skin is dry but looks like oily skin with uneven skin tone. Please suggest best cream with sun protect and moisturiser.

    • SHARI i think you should try amiri day cream it protects from sun , and also protects the skin against the free radicals, lightens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

  11. Some of these creams mentioned here suck, they are just namesake, i would recommend you guys to try DAY CREAM by AMIRI, great product made 100% from natural material. It feels great, smells great and works great, i noticed a lot of positive change in my tanned skin after using this product, i would honestly recommend you to try this sunscreen my friends you will be amazed.

    • most of the sunscreens mentioned here have been personally tried by us. skin care is different for everybody, if a cream didnt suit ur skin den it doesnt mean it sucks!

    • I have tried amiri day cream, its a good product compared to others but different peoples have different skin types, I ws suffering from oily and acne prone skin, that is why i like amiri day cream and who ever hv dry skin may choose some other.

  12. Hiiiii srishti…

    How are you..

    thanks for the post and Mine is a normal skin. Now a days i am feeling light boils on my face.. could u plese suggest me any sunscreen lotion

  13. i have sensitive skin. i cant got gud result from any sunscreen so pls sugest gud face wash and sunscreen for me

  14. Hey VNA! I use the Banana boat spray on sunscreen with 30 SPF. It’s really good for my dry skin and I sweat profusely on my face and it does a good job of staying for around 3 hrs. It’s ssweat-resistant and water-resistant!! Really a fav :)

  15. my skin is very sensitive and dry , nothing suits me easily. My skin gets hyperpigmented when something doesn’t suit me. Please suggest a sunscream lotion for my face.

    • We need the sunscreen with at least 30 SPF to protect the face from the sun. I have chosen the Amiri Day Cream and it’s almost perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. I would highly recommend you to try this as it is natural and water resistant.

      • Thnks.. vsntha…..Amiri Day cream really works. It’s a good sun protection cream. I am feeling comfortable when I go outside.

  16. I m using a medicated sunsreen prescribed by doctor but it it very greasy and i have oily skin too.. After applying it my skin becomes more oily and it darken my skin more. From out of all diz which will be better for me. I also want a fair and healthy looking skin. My skin tone changes. So can any one suggest what should i try??

  17. Why dont you include amiri day cream, it should have been the first in the list, very good cream. i dont know whether it is available in india or not.

  18. hi , i have a oily and acne skin…and i got white heads too easily …i am super confused , which one i shud buy???

    • Hi,
      Amiri day cream provides the stable protection that you can trust. It’s good for acne prone skin and leaves the skin smooth and fresh.

  19. i would recommended Lotus suns screen lotion. i have been using it since two years now and found that skin complexion is as it is…but this time i will try this 3-in-1 Lotus.

  20. Mine is combination skin and hands are dry and tanned also. Is Matte Lock Daily Sunblock SPF 40 good for me?? please recommend me..

  21. Dear I feel that

    Cetaphil daylong is the no.1.
    Not depend on the market value, depend on worth.
    Why it is not in top ten research??

  22. Effective one is Amiri day cream, it is completely harmless and there are no side effects involved. it’s my favourite sunscreen

  23. I have severe acne problem..is it good to use suncreen or it may worse my skin again?i really confused please help out of is help me to get non comedogenic sunscreen for me

  24. Hello,

    Really appreciate your blog :) I love it.
    Can you tell me which sunscreen lotion would be best for me? Actually, whatever cream I use on my face I get acne/pimples so easily. I had been using Garnier White complete cream. It was quite good but slowly I got pimples, open pores as well. I have a fair skin and these pores are so horrible. Is my skin sensitive? because whatever cream I apply I get pimples. I have to go out for my work.
    Please suggest a good sunscreen lotion from above
    Thanks :)

  25. hi anshita im using ponds bb cream on daily basis which has spf 30 so do i need the sunscreen? if so do i have to apply under or above the bb cream? please reply

  26. My skin is normal to dry type. But oily in the T zone. And have dark eye circle.once i used Lakme. But it caused a kind of acne or allergy. Now im confused to choose a sun screen cream.

  27. Have already tried your top 3 list and few really useless.the unbelievable thing is i tried them before reading this list in the website but luckily what ever i tried fall in top 3 position haha.first i started with lotus matte finish they offer lots of variants and confuse customers after applying it leaves a white cast on skin.then i tried VLCC 50 pa+++ strawberry it does a moderate work but no improvemt in skin pigmentation,then neutrogena ultrasheer the useless one(except the brand name that make us feel like celeb)..now goin to try AMIRI day cream..im a enthusiast biker need good protection.

  28. Hi,
    im a person with oily n pimple skin,suggest me a sunscreen which can reduce pimple n oily skin and also its cost

  29. Hello,
    I’m 20 yr boy. My face , neck and arms are very dark but other areas which is not exposed much to sun is very fair. I used to play cricket , football and other games under sun. Nowadays everyone is taunting on me. I look like a chess board. My chest legs and back is very fair.
    Some times I feel very embarrassed when see myself in mirror.
    Looking for some good tips to overcome this problem.

  30. I have dark pigmentation on my groin as well ext genitalia though I am fair skinned and what can you suggest? someone said melarase cream but I do not its available in India and too expansive also. can you suggest some good cream here and thanks.

  31. I have dark pigmentation on my groin as well ext genitalia though I am fair skinned and what can you suggest? someone said melarase cream but I do not its available in India and too expansive also. can you suggest some good cream here and thanks.

  32. Neutrogena tops the list of sunscreens to be avoided as its highly toxic . how can u compile a list without giving a damn to the safety measures!

  33. I worked in steel plant
    And there temperature is so high.
    So suggest me sunscream that suited on me at that temperature.

  34. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock and it is actually effective. I had bought it during my Goa trip and i Didn’t get tanned. Thank God! When I was back to my city, one of my friend recommended Oriflame Sun Zone. I tried it and it’s really great. It is light textured with a non-sticky formula and water resistant. Worth a try definitely!

  35. I have lots of acne n pimples on my skin…which sunscreen will be good for removing those acne marks n pimples?

  36. I own one Neutrogena sunscreen. It saved me big time from tanning when I was vacationing in Goa during my last holidays. Recently I purchased Oriflame’s Sun Care Lotion SPF 10 which is light, moisturising and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It’s just great I must say. It’s been around 15 days that i’ve been using this product and the effect is great.

  37. Hi dudes iam working in civil site officer. Daily i have to face sun rays so I need a protection frm sun what type of sun cream should i take? (iam oily skin)

  38. Hi dudes iam working in civil site Safety officer. Daily i have to face sun rays so I need a protection frm sun what type of sun cream should i take? (iam oily skin)

  39. Nice post! What would you recommend between Neutrogena and Lotus keeping in mind an oily and acne prone skin

  40. Comment:hey my face is darker than my skin colour nd around my lips also dark…plz tell me some remedies.

  41. Today everyone wants their skin should be fare and glowing.Because it increase self confidence of a person. There are many natural and organic products available online and in the market. But if want to buy harbal sun care cream for face. Just visit website: onlyherbcosmetic.com

  42. In India, there is a different atmosphere as compare to other countries especially when it comes to summer. Hence, having a good sunscreen is a must. I always have sunscreen in my bag. I have tried many but I found Proderme anti-tanning sunscreen gel to be very useful. You can check the product here http://amzn.in/chCxc2p


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