10 Best SLS Free Shampoos Available in India

10 best sls free shampoos available in india

10 Best Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free Shampoos in India

By Contributor: Ruchi

Do you know what SLS means? Its Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This is most commonly found in shampoos, shower gel, toothpaste, soaps, etc. These chemicals can damage the skin and hair while cleansing as cleansing is done by corrosion and thus the natural oils and moisture of hair scalp is lost, if used regularly. Those with sensitive skin should look out for SLS free products. Actually everyone should go “No Poo” when it comes to shampoos. The silicones, sulfates, parabens, etc harm your hair and your dry and damaged might just be a result of using a SLS shampoo. Become an aware customer and start reading the ingredients list everytime you buy one. So here is my list of the 10 SLS free shampoos available in India according to me.

1. Kerastase Chroma Captive Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

This shampoo is easily available online. Suitable for color treated hair, this shampoo improves the longevity of hair by preserving hair color depth and shine. It features Linseed oil, Vitamin E and UV filters which protect against aggressors that can lead to premature color fading. Price: Rs. 1500 for 250ml.

2. The Body shop Banana Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

The Body shop offers some awesome products without harmful chemicals and this is one of them. This has natural ingredients including banana extracts, it is SLES and paraben free too. Best used for fine and limp hair as it gives bounce and volume to hair. Price: Rs. 495 for 250ml.

3. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

This treats  hair fall due to dryness as the Macadamia oil in it nourishes and hydrates the scalp and lessens the breakage of hair. This shampoo is best suited for dry, thin and colored hair. Try this one shampoo with Macadamia oil and get beautiful moisturized locks. Price: Rs. 625

4. L’Occitane Aromachologie Radiance and Color Care Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

L’Occitane products are often great quality. Although a bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. This is best for color treated hair, its five essential oils -germanium, palmarosa, bergamot, rosemary and cedar as well as grape seed extract enhances  radiance and help keep color for longer time. Price: Rs. 1450 for 250ml.

5. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

This one is best for dry and damaged hair. This is a sulfate free shampoo enriched with keratin proteins. Keratin proteins repairs and rebuild damaged hair tips. It hydrates and moisturizes hair and also suits color treated hairs. Price: Rs. 1440

6. Oriflame White Nettle & Papaya Anti- Dandruff Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

I have used this for a long time and believe me its the best shampoo for dandruff. It is a light and gentle shampoo which contains goodness of white nettle and papaya. Presence of vitamin c, an antioxidant makes hair soft. It treats itchy scalp, fights dandruff and left my hair soft and supple. Price: Rs. 89 for 100ml

7. Himalaya Herbals Anti- Hair fall Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

This is best for hair fall problem, is free from paraben and SLES, silicon. It is safe for colored hair, reduces hair fall, breakage and  nourishes root and hair to provide them strength. One of the most easily available and in budget shampoo in the Indian market. Price: Rs. 130 for 200ml

8. Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

I am currently using it and liking it a lot, this is so gentle that you can use it every day without leaving hair dry. Best for oily hair as oily hair needs proper cleansing everyday. This is a clinically proven, SLS free, alcohol free gentle shampoo as it is for babies. And if babies can use it than so can us! Price: Rs. 240

9. Khadi Herbal Shikakai Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

Natural ingredients like shikakai, amla, tulsi, mehendi, lemon , trifala and rare herbals found are in it. Its herbal which conditions, detoxify scalp and fights dandruff while leaving hair soft and supple. And it is very affordable too. INR 85 for 210 ml.

10. Vaadi Herbals Anti Dandruff Shampoo

best sls free shampoo in india

This is again the best herbal and chemical free shampoo in the market. It has natural ingredients like lemon extracts and tea tree oil. Lemon extracts helps in fighting dandruff and tea tree oil helps in fighting oil and acnes on scalp. Price: Rs. 45 for 100ml.

So this was my list of the best SLS and paraben free shampoos in India.

Editor: My personal recommendations are TBS Rainforest Shine Shampoo and Himalaya Protein Shampoo. The TBS one doesn’t lather much which is good because it only re-inforces by belief in it. SLS is used to give you a rich lathery experience so don’t fall prey to it! I switch to Himalaya when I’m broke! If you need reviews on either of them then let me know.

Which is the best SLS free shampoo according to you? Share your views with us.


  1. Have i been looking for such a list !! Thank you ! I think i’m gonna buy the body shop banana banane shampoo. Seems perfect for me. :)

  2. Himalaya khadi doesn’t have full ingredient list on bottle…so if there is no SLS then its either Als (ammonium lauryl sulphate),Sles .These are proven safe surfactants. Shampoos manufacturers use standard cosmetic grade ingredients even the costly ones.Compare ingredient lists of costly product and regular Pantene or loreal….your daily shampoo should be chosen according to your hair and scalp needs.And go for mildly fragrant products for hair too…..it’ll not irritate your scalp and therefore not cause more problems.
    Zee Bee recently posted…all in one productsMy Profile

  3. SLS lathers but so do Sles,Als and other surfactants…though the degree may vary.And anyway,cleaning ability of shampoo is Not At All related to whether it foams or not.We are used to foam and bubbles therefore manufacturers add it.
    Expensive products Are Not Better ..…most of the time they are overpriced.Important thing is great formulation…not fragrance or color.
    Zee Bee recently posted…all in one productsMy Profile

  4. Baby products work well for babies..but baby shampoo may not serve well for an adult normal scalp…especially in our dirty grimy Indian climate…so unless advised by docs…stick to your regular shampoos.
    Zee Bee recently posted…all in one productsMy Profile

  5. I use J&J Babu shampoo and I would definitely recommend it. It good for mild everyday cleansing sans the damage!

  6. I am a sulphate/sulfate free girl and would never go back to using normal shampoos. I hadn’t realised that there was so much sulphate free options in India.
    Just a word of caution that the Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo isn’t sulphate free although it is formulated for use in babies.
    The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoos are sulfate free as well!
    Kayennat recently posted…OOTDMy Profile

  7. I want u to ask that my hairs getting thinner day by day…somehow I know its lil bit genetic….its also because of my diet and carelessness….so plz ruchi can u tell me which is guaranteed typ shampoo which can help to make my hair thick n regrow and under budget which …I can prefer for me…..:)

    Any typ of help would be appreciated..:)

  8. hi , m suffering from severe hair loss nd dandruff m using nyle naturals dryness control shampoo, it contains SLES, can I continue dis shampoo , ,plz suggest me , if not plz suggest me a gud shampoo please

  9. The body shop banana shampoo contains sls and its harmful for sensitive and dry scalp.its makes scalp more dry and scaly.so people with dry hairs plz dun use it

  10. I heard some of people says Himalaya has hair fall my hair silky hair I want hair growth and reduces dandruff hair fall shampoo which suits me

  11. I had hair fall and dandruff scalp itching I had haircut yesterday only now I think hair fall may reduce and now please suggest good shampoo for growth and reduces hair fall

  12. Ruchi nyle shampoo also SLS free it has alovera amala for blackning hair shikai cleans dandruff chamomile rsmells good lemongrass reetha there different types its also best shampoo

  13. I have a bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo in front of me, it clearly says that it has SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) as an Ingredient. Manufacturing Date: 03/14.

  14. Thank you so much Ruchi! :) Can you also please tell me if you know of shampoos that are sulphate free as well as protect hair from sun damage? It will really be very helpful.

  15. Hey, I have hair fall problem and my hairs are dry. So I have decided not use the SLS shampoos. So which will be the best SLS free shampoo for hair fall control and dry hair ? Please help me!

  16. hey, nice post. thanks for the information.
    can you please tell me where can i find the banana shampoo in delhi?
    also, i have soft and silky straight natural hair ( no color) but my hair are less in volume. which shampoo do you suggest?

  17. please tell me about himalaya shampoo.many people says that hair fall will occur if we use it.so please tell me about it

  18. could you please help me with a SLS and SLES free shampoo which is also color protect …. thanks a ton in advance !

  19. Vinegar is also very much beneficial i am using it since a month and searched about it you people can check it on internet it gives very satisfactory results in dandruff and hair loss

  20. The Oriflame White Nettle & Papaya Anti- Dandruff Shampoo and Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo have SLS in them

  21. Is bodyshop’s banana shampoo really sls free?! Indian website doesn’t list the ingredients but US site does and it mentions Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Surfactant) in the list of ingredients. I was about to order the shampoo online after reading this but luckily checked for the ingredients first.

  22. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as well as the Himalaya Herbals Anti HairFall Shampoo HAVE SLS in them. Please do your research properly before making your list!

  23. Try “Forever Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo” .
    Buy at “http://lifestyleflp.blogspot.in/”

    This shampoo contains no any harmful neon. Basic ingredients are Barbanesis millar Aloe Avera, jojoba,

  24. Hii … M looking for a good sulphate free shampoo of reasonable range . I found few but they are very expensive . My scalp is very oily n I find oil in my scalp in every 2 days … My hair is very thin … Please help …..

  25. I’m just reading this post and I notice many of the shampoos have been crossed off. Is there a reason?


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