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NYX is a brand world-renown for its top quality products despite being a drugstore brand. NYX is a brand that caters to all kinds of cosmetics that a girl can need; be it lipglosses, lipsticks, eye liners, eye shadows, face products and even nail polishes. The thing about NYX is, you don’t have to think twice before buying a product. There quality of products is amazing. The brand sells everything at pretty decent prices and the shade range in every single product is brilliant. So much so, that you buy one product and you’d be tempted buy a lot more. So today, let’s talk about the list of 10 best nail polishes that NYX has to offer. NYX nail paints come at about $5 and are great in texture, color payoff and longevity. I’ve done a round up of must have beautiful shades of nail paints by NYX that one must definitely give a try if you’re looking to buy some NYX nail polishes. So keep reading.

While NYX is majorly famous for their eye and lips range of cosmetics- mainly eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and colored eye liners but that is not all that NYX has to offer. They have a great collection of nail paints to offer too, that is often ignored in the light of the brand’s more popular aforementioned products.

List of Top Ten Nyx Nail Paints:

  1. NYX Where’s My Tutu?

    Where’s my tutu is a holographic pastel pink shade. It is a gorgeous shade of lacquer. This looks like the perfect shade to wear around this time of the year when the weather is transitioning from spring to summer. Being a holoraphic shade, this nail color would look a bit different under different lightings. Definitely recommend this shade!

  2. NYX Pink Metal

    NYX Pink Metal is described as a metallic rosy silver. It is in a pearl finish, as is visible from the image above. Pearl finish paints are pretty easy to pull off and work well for all kinds of skin tones. No matter your nail length, pearl finish nail polishes look flattering and are even super smooth in texture. This shade is more of a mauve shade in my opinion and would look lovely on fair and medium skin tones. It might be a little tricky to pull off on dark hands as it may wash your hands out.

  3. NYX Paradise Martini

    It is described as a bright violet pink. It doesn’t look like it is in a shimmer or pearl finish so let’s assume it’s your normal no-shimmer, glossy finish. These kinds of nail paints are the easiest to pull off. They look great on nails. This nyx nail color, Paradise Martini is a bright pink with cool blue undertones. because of its cool undertones, this shade will look very flattering on the nails and would even give an illusion of fairer hands.

  4. NYX Vinyl Red

    This nyx nail polish is described as a hot magenta red. In my opinion, this nail lacquer is the perfect dupe for OPI Big Apple red nail paint. This nail paint is again a no-shimmer, glossy finish. It has cool warm undertones to it. It is a bright red paint that would go really well with most outfits and also suit most Indian skin tones. If you love red nails, you must definitely check out Vinyl Red by NYX.

  5. NYX Pink Crystal

    It is described by NYX as a peachy pink. In my opinion, it is more like a salmon pink color. It has a touch of peachy orange to it but it is more pink. This is a very unique lacquer shade and not something you would find in every single brand out there. This looks like the perfect nail enamel to wear in the summer, while lounging and reading a good book. This shade would look good on all skin tones, however I feel that it might look a bit neon on some, it might! But still one of the best nail polishes by nyx ever.

  6. NYX Mint Medley

    My personal favorite on this nail colors list is Mint Medley which is described by NYX as a pastel mint. As soon as summer arrives, my love for pastels and neons awakens and I’m on a hunt for every single good pastel nail paint I can find. this shade totally fits the bill. It is a gorgeous mint green shade. It is actually the most proper mint green I’ve seen in a while as most nail enamels that claim of being mint green have a touch of blue in it too, luckily this one does not. Yay!

  7. NYX Bermuda Triangle

    It is described by NYX as a shimmery deep blue. It is like an electric blue color but with shimmer in it. If you love shimmery nail paints and also have a liking for bright blue nail paints then this is the color you must check out. I think it’s a gorgeous color and because of its cool undertones, it would make the hands look slimmer and fairer too. What a bonus!

  8. NYX Navy Star

    top-10-nyx-nail-paints-review-price(8)It is described as a shimmery midnight blue. However, in my opinion, this nyx nail paint is more gray than blue. It is definitely a deep shade with dark and cool undertones and it appears to be gray. It is like a charcoal nail lacquer. It would look great on hands and would suit all skin tones. This nyx enamel would look stunning when worn on night outs or evening events.

  9. NYX Seattle Storm

    It is described as a gray with lavender. If there’s one shade on this list that I desperately want too, it is this one. It would look like a nude nail color on the nails. It is a taupe nail paint with grey undertones. It would make the hands look slimmer as well as fairer because of such undertones. This is one color that I’ve been so many people on Pinterest wearing. It is a beautiful shade that would suit all skin tones! Another one of the top nyx nail polishes.

  10. NYX Pot of Gold

    This nail enamel is described by NYX as gold glitter with round chunks. Of course no article on nail polishes is complete without a glitter shade on it. So Pot Of Gold by NYX cosmetics is a beautiful golden shimmer nail lacquer with varying sizes of glitter chunks in it. It contains shimmer in it which is really minute and then to add some more definition, it contains round glitter chunks too. I think it’s a brilliant concept for a nail color and if I ever spot this shade anywhere, I’m definitely getting this for me!

So this was a round up of 10 must have nail paint shades from NYX cosmetics that are their best-selling and top-rated nail polishes. These are the colors that sell out the most and why shouldn’t they? These are all great shades, suit almost all Indian skin tones and are on some level, unique too. These nail lacquers have a brilliant texture, stay on for long and don’t chip like crazy and are pretty affordably priced. I recommend NYX nail paints to everyone!

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