10 Best Night Creams Available in India for Oily to Combination Skin

10 Best Night Creams Available in India for Oily to Combination Skin

Best Night Creams in India

By Contributor: Monica

The first thing that I do in the morning after getting up is see my face in the mirror (self-obsessed me!). I immediately get lightened up on seeing smooth glowing face and get disheartened on the days when I see parched dull dry or super oily face. I know lots of girls out there have this habit just like me. In order to feel lightened the whole day, it is very essential to use a good night cream according to the skin type – oily skin or dry skin. A rich night cream fights the free radicals while we sleep and helps reverse the damage which whole day’s stress, pollution, skin ageing, sun exposure,  etc. do to our skin. Even if you don’t see the effects immediately, it is very important to use a night cream as it would definitely help in keeping the skin healthy in the long run.

In this post I am compiling the best night creams available in Indian market for oily to combination skin girls in no specific order.

1. Vichy Normaderm Anti Imperfection and Rejuvenating Care Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

This is one of the best out there for oily acne prone skin. Has a runny light texture, absorbs well and gives a matte finish. Not only helps dry the active acne but also clear up the scars. Works great on open pores also, which is one of the major concerns of oily skinned gals. Price: Rs.900.

2. Olay Natural White All in one fairness Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

Though this night cream appears to be thick in texture, but absorbs in no time and moisturizes my combination skin well. In the morning skin appears glowing and even toned with no greasiness. Never broke me out. (have already finished 2 tubs). Price:  Rs.325.

3. Loreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

This cream has a bluish tinge and a very light texture, absorbs in little time. Claims to fight the free radicals and reduce brown spots. Give a nice glow to the face next morning which stays all day long. Skin looks youthful and healthy. Price: Rs.650.

4. Ponds Gold Radiance Youthful Night Repair Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

This cream is thick textured but absorbs well in few minutes and moisturizes well. Contains micro gold particles which provide a subtle glow immediately on application. In the morning the face looks soft and healthy without any extra oil. Though does not work magic on existing lines and wrinkles but works great in preventing any further. Price: Rs.799.

5. Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

This one moisturizes the skin beautifully and has some great anti aging ingredients too. Day after day skin looks hydrated and smooth. Makes skin super soft. Price: Rs.1199.

6. Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

This is a potent moisturizer which works overnight to deliver a unique complex of eight rapid and delayed-release antioxidants that defuse this free-radical activity. Helps keep skin strong and prevent visible signs of aging. Has runny texture and does not break out. Price: around Rs.3700.

7. Clarins White Plus Whitening Repair Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

Nourishing night-time treatment turns around dull, uneven skin while you sleep. Clarins’ brightening complex of Raspberry and Alchemilla extracts and Vitamin C help counter the effects of daytime stress—minimising dark spots, freckles and discolourations for a radiant, even complexion upon waking. Price: Rs.4985.

8. The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

99% ingredients of this cream are of natural origin. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve skin’s elasticity and protect your skin against sun damage with a luxuriously rich moisturizer that quickly absorbs into the skin and moisturizes for up to 12 hours. Suitable for sensitive skin too. Price: Rs. 1795.

9. Kaya Nourishing Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

Nourishing Night Cream is specially formulated to work at night to give you notably lighter complexion. Potent Whitening active Azelaic Acid works to give you lighter and brighter skin. Extract of Imperata cylindrica helps restore moisture balance, while anti oxidant Vit-C fights free radicals resulting in visibly soft, fresh and luminous skin. Price: Rs.990.

10. Kama Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

Best Night Cream in India for Oily to Combination Skin

Texture may seem to be heavy at first, but with little massage it absorbs well. Has all ayurvedic ingredients and works at dark circles too. With regular usage, reduces tan, makes skin healthy and plump. Price: Rs. 1195.

So these are my recommendations out of so many brands available in India.

Editor: For those on budget, try the Himalaya Night Cream. Some good stuff.

 Which is your favourite night cream? Share your views with us.


    • glad to hear that Gowthami. it was mine too till last month I read in an article in TOI that a third party research found high level of Mercury in olay natural white. didn’t want to take any chance with it so changed to ponds now. :-(
      but still olay would remain the best for me.

  1. Great list, my favourite is Vichy Normaderm night cream and currently I am using kama ayurveda one, so far it is working good :))

  2. Hai i heard very good reviews about kama night cream . but do you hav any idea how i can get it online ??Monica

  3. i have not used anything yet on my skin. I have oily plus acne prone skin m jst 20,really need help to get rid of it. plz suggest day cream as well as night cream.

  4. Hello dear,
    Thanks a lot for your information.it gave me clarity about those products and I’m palming to choose loreal…. Definetly I will post the outcome. Bye takecare

  5. M 27 years old having combination skin (oilt t-zone, rest face normal to dry) with open pores & blackheads on nose). Will b vry much thankful for you….

      • Thanks soooo much Anshita….:)
        just want to tell you something that couple of days earlier i was using vichy night detox nuit detox (my first night cream) but when i get up in morning then my t-zone becomes extremely oily so just left using it (plz correct me if night cream are supposed to do so or not).
        From last 3 days i am just using a night cream from Kama (Tester-tub), the one you are using right now. Neither i am facing any break outs nor very much happy with it (probably its just been 3 days that i am using it). so the hunt is still on…..will by ZA vala cream…:)
        yeah….for day time moisturisation i m using vichy Aqualia Thermal, though it provides good hydration for face but makes t-zone super oily…should i switch to some other moisturiser or use 2 moisturisors: one for oily t-zone & other for rest of the face….plz suggest…. please suggest some brands also….:)

        • since the weather is getting colder so now you can get away with these creams but za n kama are my favs. stick to one cream for the whole face

  6. I m 24yr old. I hv oily skin with open pores and also hv whiteheads on nose and chin. I had never use any thing on my skin except fair n lovely. Plz suggest me smtng effective.

  7. Hi anshita!!!!
    Js wanna say u r doing a gr8 work with both of ur blogs. I love petite peeve as well. N i want to share my experience about forest essential’s night cream. It has worked wonders on my skin. My skin started loosing some of its suppleness from last 3-4 months. So js 2 weeks back i bought dis miracle n yes it is worth the money…. U can imagine how i felt when mua at mac store told me that while doing make up my skin felt baby soft… Yeeeeaaaaa. M happy with dis cream n recommend it whole heartily

  8. Hi has this Vichy normaderm product been stopped and replaced with Vichy night detox? I can’t find the normaderm anti imperfection night cream available anywhere. Please help

  9. Anshita,

    My skin is oily and acne prone. I want to get rid off my dark spots and want spotless skin. Could you please suggest which one should i use Za True white night cream or Vichy Normaderm Night?

  10. Using olay DAY cream. I have acne prone skin. Is olay NIGHT cream good for acne prone Uneven tone skin?

  11. Hii….plz help me I m using olay total effect but it doesn’t working on my skin…I have oily skin so suggest me night n day cream….vichy normadeem is good….before 15 days I hd used lotus safe sun spf 70…I gt small small pimples on my face so suggest me sunscreen also

  12. Hiiii, this blog is very useful, I m 27 ,my skin is fair bt i lost my glow as it was at 20, i hv large pores, white heads prblm, plźzz help me to choose the right cream.

  13. hi, i am 19year old, my face is oily dark with pimple not full dark
    anyone plz give me solution or give me suggestion for my skin type cream

  14. I have small pigmentation spots on ma cheeks, ma wedding is after 3 months wht should I use?? Please help me out!!

  15. I am a Mongolian and have a combination skin.suffering from pigmentation and brown spots.pimple and its marks.uff!please help.which cream should I use both morning and night

  16. Hi got engaged, I have 2months time to marriage.I have a oily and dul skin.Please let me know which nit cream is good for me.Please do favour for me.I’m feeling very bad about my face.

  17. Hi…im turning 33.I have sensitive, dark ,combination skin..which ever product I use, my skin becomes darker again.my skin absorbs every makeup I put…which ever sunscreen I use ( even suncote gel) it becomes oily.I was fairer than today. Tired using fairness creams like lotus white glow, fair and lovely, bb creams like ponds, garnier,Maybelline. Nothing acts on my skin…I’m so depressed..kindly help me…

  18. Hi I’m just 19s I have oily plus acne prone skin due to acne l have scars on my face plz suggest me effective night cream


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