10 Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian/Brown/Olive/Medium Skin

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

10 Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian Skin

By Contributor: Karishma

That is the question that crosses the mind of every girl atleast once daily! When you buy your first MAC lipstick, you can’t just stop there and before you know you are hooked to everything MAC. And then you start googling “top mac lipsticks” “best mac lipsticks” and so on. When I started writing this post. All I could think was… How am I supposed to pick up the best 10 lipsticks from such a great brand! Well this post has by far been the most difficult to write… Go on… Read about the 10 best MAC Lipsticks for Indian Skin. You can find the reviews and swatches of all of them on VNA.

1. MAC Mehr:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin
Mehr is just like Cosmo but with a matte finish. It is a brownish pink lipsticks which is always OOS in all MAC stores because of the high demand. It looks so natural and in harmony with the rest of your makeup and is a great pick if you are not into attention grabbing lipsticks.

2. MAC Ruby Woo or Riri Woo:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

They say when you’re in doubt, wear red! I Say when you’re in doubt, wear Ruby Woo. Or Riri Woo from Rihanna Collection. This lipstick makes you feel bold just like Rihanna. This shade is a cool red with a retro matte finish and surprisingly suits every skin tone. Amazing packaging. A single swipe will cover it all. It lasts easily for 6 hours.

3. MAC Twig:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

An elegant shade of pink which has hints of brown in it. This shade will suit almost all skin tones. It has a very smooth and creamy texture but looks matte on the lips. Its opaque, hydrating, glides very smoothly and staying power is good!

4. MAC Speak Louder:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

A reddish pink creamy lipstick. Glides on very smoothly. Lasts for more than 4 hours with small snacks & drinks, leaving behind a beautiful tint. It moisturizes the lips while it lasts. It’s bright, but not neon. Easily wearable during both day and night. One of the easiest pink lipsticks to carry.

5. MAC Mocha

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

Mocha on your lips, sounds yummy. Doesn’t it? Anyway this is a beautiful shade which is slightly peachy brown in colour with yellow undertones. It is a satin finish lipstick but its texture is almost matte and long lasting. Working women can easily pick this shade without a doubt. Can be easily used for office wear or with smokey eyes. One of the best brown lipsticks out there.

6. MAC Chili:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

Scared of wearing a red lipstick – MAC Chili is your saviour. Beautiful colour – orangish brick red. Suits Indian skin tones really well. Me Likes: unique shade, good pigmentation, matte finish, not drying & long lasting. It really is a hot chili red!

7. MAC Rebel:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

One shade from MAC which will definitely suit the warm toned Indian skin. It’s a pretty plum colour with a subtle sheen. It does tend to look a little vampy in the packaging but it looks oh – so – gorgeous on the lips! Plus points: highly pigmented, does not settle in lines and easily stays on for 5 hours!

8. MAC Creme In Your Coffee:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

Mac Crème In Your Coffee is a creamy pinkish brown shade which suits the Indian skin so beautifully. This is an everyday wear lipstick – perfect for working women and those who are scared to wear bright shades. Pros: smooth & creamy, doesn’t bleed on lips, very hydrating & gives a glossy look to lips.

9. MAC Relentlessly Red:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

A bright carrot pink which will light up your face. It has a very nice retro matte finish and the colour lasts easily for 6 hours, leaving behind a lovely deep tint. Best part – it doesn’t transfer. Infact Dangerous is also a great pick from the retro matte collection.

10. MAC Girl About Town:

10 Best Mac Lipsticks for indian skin

I’d rate GAT as the best fuchsia lipstick available. It suits almost all Indian skin tones. A great shade for winters. It has a very creamy and moisturizing texture. This shade can add some freshness to a dull looking face. It easily stays on 6 hours with light snacks and drinks. Brownie points: does not settle in fine lines, does not smear, highly moisturizing and completely opaque with just one swipe.

So this was our list of the best MAC lipsticks available in India which go well with our yellow toned medium skin. The girls with pink tones can also choose from the list because a lot of these shades are very versatile.

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Which is your best 10 Best MAC Lipsticks for Indian skin? Share your favourites with us.


  1. I’m surprised that you didn’t add Taupe by Mac … It’s a very beautiful peachy brown matte shade … I wear it all the time!

  2. Hi there , am new to mac- may I ask – the pink called rebel – is that the same as ” rebel purple”?
    Do mac lipsticks also come with numbers or do I look only fir te name
    Would u also be able to reccomend any powder matt lipsticks ? I prefer the dry matt ones but the fashions changed so I don’t find them easily in uk anymore
    Thanks for a great blog :-)

  3. Hi I’m new to mac…I hav warm undertone medium complexion …can u pls suggest a gud shade from mac range…I want to know d price details too….

  4. […] MAC lipsticks have always enjoyed a separate department in my head. The sheer varieties of colours and finishes have always fascinated and truth be told, scared me a little. Wherever I enter a MAC store, I cannot help my head from swiveling in every direction just because there is so much to look at! The SAs are very helpful, of course, but that doesn’t help my eyes from straying here and there! I believe that a lipstick is essential to completing one’s look and the right colour can instantly brighten up one’s complexion. The lipstick that I am going to review and swatch today is a summer pink shade with lustre finish called MAC Lustering. […]

  5. captive and Russian red so need to be added to this list for all kinds of Asian skin tones. Russian red is a gorgeous autumnal matte red colour whereas captive….I’m not even going to go into too much detail about this colour as its so beautiful that no amount of description would do it justice but all I can say is it is more on the plummy side of a deep mauve with a hint of brown and is a satin finish and looks sultry and sexy on the lips and will definitely draw a boys attention towards your lips!!!!

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  7. Greetings from Pakistan! Thank you for the great list. I second mocha and speak louder. Just picked up GAT and Twig 😁


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