10 Best Ayur Herbals Products Available in India


Top 10 Ayur Products in India with Reviews and Prices

We all love herbal products. Whether a face wash or a shampoo, some of us do prefer herbal products, since we know that less chemicals means less harm. Ayur is one such brand which is known for its herbal products. Ayur herbals as a brand was established in 1984 for all beauty and cosmetic needs. Ayur provides a wide range of beauty and cosmetics strictly prepared with herbal components. Ayur provides variety of products which cares you from head to toe. With all the common concerns in mind we present to you some of the best Ayur herbals products that are easily available in India both online and in stores.

List of Must Have Products from Ayur Herbals:

1. Ayur Anti Sun Tan Face Pack – 100 gms for 35Rs


This is definitely one the best and affordable face packs available in India. This face pack is completely natural and doesn’t harm your skin. Ayur Anti tan face pack when used regularly, it reduce the sun tan to a great extent and adds a subtle glow to your face. Like all the other Ayur face packs, it comes in a simple box with the original content packed in a plastic wrapper. Once you open the packaging you would need a separate container to store the product (or you could seal back the packet and store it).

This is definitely not travel friendly once opened unless you store it a zip lock pouch or a container. This face pack has natural ingredients like Multani mitti, Calamine powder, etc. If you have dry skin, you would need an extra load of moisturizer since multani mitti is going to dry out your skin.

2. Ayur deep pore cleansing milk – 500 ml for 135 Rs:


Ayur deep pore cleansing milk is an affordable yet effective cleanser in the Indian market. This cleansing milk cleanses your pores to an extent. You would require an astringent or splash some cold water so as to close the pores. Ayur deep pore cleansing milk when used regularly makes your skin healthy, soft and supple. It adds a glow to your face in the first use itself due to the existence of Vitamin E, Olive oil and aloe vera. The fragrance might be little bothersome to sensitive noses. Being a herbal product this Ayur deep pore cleansing milk has a major con of having parabens in the ingredients list.

3. Ayur herbal All purpose cream with aloe vera – 220 ml for 99 Rs:


This natural cream can be used for multiple purposes. Ayur herbal All purpose cream with aloe vera be used as a massage cream during your facial or even as a leave in moisturizer for your face and body. If you have dry skin this aloe vera could be your regular moisturizer, as it is slightly greasy best avoided by oily to combination skin. The consistency is quite perfect; it is neither too runny nor too thick. This is a very hydrating cream and contains Vitamin E and aloe vera as major ingredients.

Vitamin E is known to enhance your skin tone and adds a healthy glow, which this cream does. Ayur herbal All purpose cream with aloe vera could you used in winter. The only con is that this cream could break your skin out because of the greasiness.

4. Ayur Aloe vera cold cream – 200 ml for 100 Rs:


This is another multipurpose cream from Ayur Herbals. Many beauties swear by cold creams during winter. Cold creams are nothing but moisturizer suitable for extremely cold weather, meaning they have extra moisturizing properties. Obviously these creams are not meant for spring and summer as they could make your skin oily but definitely you could use them on your body as a moisturizer (most of the times the rest of your body is drier than your face). This cold cream is definitely not for oily skin. Ayur Aloe vera cold cream has aloe vera which soothes your skin and who doesn’t love aloe vera for face.

This cream also has Vitamin E in it which brightens up your skin overtime. Ayur Aloe vera cold cream is a very rich cream so you would require only a tiny amount to moisturize your dry spots. The tub packaging is little inconvenient and unhygienic but this tub is going to last you for quite a long time. One of the top selling products from ayur herbals.

5. Ayur tea tree face wash – 50 ml for 35 RS:


Ayur tea tree face wash is very good face wash if you have super oily skin. This does control the shine on your face which you will love if you are used to shiny disco ball face (like mine! sadly). We all know that tree oil controls oil and there by controlling acne. Ayur tea tree face wash has tea tree oil as one of the major ingredients. This face does control your acne and gets rid of dark spots to some extent. Tea tree oil can darken up your face, one need to be careful when using tea tree based products. One of the best ayur products in India.

6. Ayur almond nourishing cream – 80 ml for 80 Rs:


Ayur almond nourishing cream is a winter appropriate cream. This cream is very rich and great for dry skin. Normal skin can try during winters but an absolute no for oily skin. Ayur almond nourishing cream contains almond and avocado oil which good for curing your blemishes. You can use this cream as massage cream during your facial which adds a healthy glow to your face. Best night cream for dry skin. Again tub packaging could you unhygienic if you do not use a spatula.

7. Ayur rosemary shampoo – 500 ml for 140 Rs:


Ayur rosemary shampoo is good shampoo for dry and flaky scalp. Rosemary nourishes your hair and scalp very well. This shampoo soothes your scalp and induces new hair growth. If you have super sensitive scalp then you might want to take a trial first. Also this shampoo doesn’t do anything for extremely stubborn dandruff. Good shampoo for summers.

8. Ayur Hot wax – 150 gms for 40 Rs:


Ayur Hot wax is one of the affordable hot waxes available in the Indian market. This wax doesn’t cause any irritation or redness on your skin. Even though wax is safe it is not recommended for super sensitive skin as waxes can cause rashes. If you have already used wax on your skin before then you can go ahead and buy this. Hot waxes are little tricky to buy. Sometimes if we buy old waxes they don’t remove unwanted hair very well as it will be already melted in the container. Ayur Hot wax is not recommended for your face.

9. Ayur Cold wax – 150 gms for 40 Rs:


If you are sensitive to heat then you can go ahead and buy cold wax. For those you who don’t know what cold wax is, it is basically wax that doesn’t require heating and can be applied directly from the tub. Cold waxes are not as much as effective as that of hot waxes that’s one reason people don’t buy cold waxes. But Ayur Cold wax is a very effective cold wax and doesn’t cause any irritation. It is sad that not many cold waxes are available in the market. You need use any wax as soon as possible after opening since they have the tendency to melt. This wax has lemon which brightens up the skin. Also this wax moisturises your skin very well.

10. Ayur tulsi neem soap with multani mitti – 75 gms for 45 Rs:


Ayur tulsi neem soap with multani mitti is a very good anti septic soap. Neem and multani mitti are very good for oily skin. If you have dry skin stay away from this soap. Normal, oily and combination can try out this soap. Fragrance of Ayur tulsi neem soap with multani mitti is heavenly. Ayur tulsi neem soap with multani mitti has Tulsi which has great anti-bacterial properties.

Those were some of the best products from Ayur Herbals. After reading this post I guess many beautiful ladies are going to hunt for Ayur products. Good luck ladies!

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